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Sloggi Knickers - Practical & Stylish For All Day Comfort, Multipack & Single Pack Sloggies

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Sloggi Basic Maxi Briefs 3 Pair Pack

Sloggi Basic Maxi Briefs 3 Pair Pack£26.00   £23.40  (371)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Maxi style full brief
  • UK Sizes 10 - 32
Sloggi Basic Tai Briefs 3-Pack

Sloggi Basic Tai Briefs 3-Pack£26.00   £23.40  (239)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Comfort Stretch Fit
  • UK Sizes 8 - 24
Sloggi Control Maxi Briefs (2 PACK)

Sloggi Control Maxi Briefs (2 PACK)£25.50   £22.95  (178)

  • 94% Cotton
  • Tummy Support Panel
  • UK Sizes 10 - 26
Sloggi Double Comfort Tai

Sloggi Double Comfort Tai£12.00   £10.80  (132)

  • 95% Cotton
  • High Leg Styling
  • UK Sizes 10 - 20
Sloggi Basic Long Leg Knickers

Sloggi Basic Long Leg Knickers£16.00   £14.40  (164)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Prevents Chafing
  • UK Sizes 12 - 26
Sloggi Romance Maxi Brief

Sloggi Romance Maxi Brief£14.00   £12.60  (38)

  • 45% Cotton
  • Classic Full Cut
  • UK Sizes 10 - 24
Sloggi Double Comfort Short

Sloggi Double Comfort Short£13.00   £11.70  (90)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Fine Towel Gusset
  • UK Sizes 10 - 20
Sloggi Romance Tai Brief

Sloggi Romance Tai Brief£14.00   £12.60  (75)

  • 44% Cotton
  • Stretch Lace Detail
  • UK Sizes 10 - 20
Sloggi Double Comfort Maxi

Sloggi Double Comfort Maxi£12.00   £10.80  (77)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Deep Waistband
  • UK Sizes 10 - 22
Sloggi Midi Briefs 3-Pack

Sloggi Midi Briefs 3-Pack£26.00   £23.40  (191)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Full bottom cut brief
  • UK Sizes 8 - 22
Sloggi 100 Tai Briefs (3 PACK)

Sloggi 100 Tai Briefs (3 PACK)£16.00   £14.40  (106)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Great Value Multipack
  • UK Sizes 10 - 18
Sloggi Basic Maxi Brief

Sloggi Basic Maxi Brief£10.00   £9.00  (14)

  • 95% Cotton
  • Fuller coverage brief
  • UK Sizes 10 - 38
Sloggi Basic Tai Brief

Sloggi Basic Tai Brief£10.00   £9.00  (33)

  • 95% Cotton
  • High Leg Tai Styling
  • UK Sizes 10 - 24
Sloggi EverNew Midi Brief

Sloggi EverNew Midi Brief£9.00   £8.10

  • 95% Cotton
  • Everyday Cotton Undies
  • UK Sizes 10 - 20
Sloggi Sensual Fresh Hipster

Sloggi Sensual Fresh Hipster£13.00   £11.70  (9)

  • 84% Polyamide
  • Breathable Fabric
  • UK Sizes 8 - 16
Sloggi Romance Midi Brief

Sloggi Romance Midi Brief£14.00   £12.60  (49)

  • 48% Cotton
  • Deep Lace Waist
  • UK Sizes 10 - 22
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Page 1 of 3:    39 Items

Why Buy Sloggi knickers? 

It was in the 1980s that the cotton revolution, also known as Sloggi, was first born. They produced high quality underwear and it was only a matter of time before they became recognised for this quality. The Sloggi brand and the slogan “the cotton revolution” began to take on the world almost immediately and it wasn’t long before 50 million pairs of briefs were sold in over 30 countries. Now famous for a variety of different underwear styles and for creating top quality underwear for both men and women, Sloggi is a name that has become synonymous with the manufacture of top quality briefs and underwear.

The Cotton Revolution

There are various factors that keep customers heading back to the Sloggi name to buy their underwear. They offer comfort and refined looks, as well as strength and long lasting good quality but without forcing you to empty your purse to buy them. Good quality at affordable prices was the aim of the cotton revolution and Sloggi scored.

Core Spun Technology

Sloggi underwear is Core Spun; the Core Spun technology is unique to the brand and it means that pure cotton is super combed and then spun with Lycra. This gives an elasticity that other underwear cannot achieve as readily. It also means that tight fitting underwear can be snug without being uncomfortable and the wearer can enjoy a good looking line without wrinkles from their briefs.


Whereas cotton has a tendency to lose its shape over time, the Lycra cotton mix ensures that this is not the case for loyal Sloggi customers. Briefs retain their shape so that even if they are worn and washed regularly they still keep the same snug and comfortable fit whenever you wear them.

Strong And Long Lasting Material

Fortunately, they are also long lasting and durable, in terms of material wear too. Having briefs that keep their shape is no use if the material disintegrates but the strength of the Core Spun briefs means that they are extremely tough. They can be washed quickly and easily at home and they will keep their shape without bobbling and without becoming easily worn or damaged.

Sloggi has become one of the best known names in underwear, take a look at our selection of Sloggi Knickers today!

Latest Sloggi & Triumph Lingerie Product Reviews
Monday, 19 February 2018  |  Susan

This is a very pretty and very comfortable bra. It is true to size and Is now my favourite will definitely be buying it again

Absolutely love it!
Monday, 5 February 2018  |  Penelope

I use this to wear around the house under pyjamas and it is brillliant. Really comfy and not bad support given my 32H bust. It is a little too small in the cup (as it is only supposed to fit up to a F cup) but it just about stretches and is brilliant for when you donít want to put a bra on but need some support. I bought the correct size for a 32í fitting. Really pleased.

A1 purchase
Friday, 2 February 2018  |  Brian

Very comfortable and wash well. I'm ordering more!

Friday, 26 January 2018  |  Frances

These are perfect!! seem to last for ages - and so hard to find.
Delivery was spot on, and the whole transaction was hassle free.
Needless to say I was impressed and well pleased.
thank you!!

The Perfect Gift - she loves it!
Friday, 26 January 2018  |  Jo

Bought for my Auntie for xmas and she said it is the best bra she has ever had! Comfy, supportive and pretty too!

knicker heaven
Friday, 26 January 2018  |  Marilyn

I've thrown all my old briefs out because these shorts are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn.