Women's Control Shapewear

Many women think that the idea that you can shape your body without exercise just seems ludicrous. However, it is actually true you can shape your body without exercise. You just have to buy the right kind of undergarments or underwear. Modern fabrics mean that you can now buy bodysuits, leggings and tights that lift and support in ways that were previously not possible. The fabrics they are made of are extremely light and comfortable. They are designed so that when you are wearing them under your day-to-day clothes they are not at all visible.

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Sloggi Control Maxi Briefs (2 PACK)

Sloggi Control Maxi Briefs (2 PACK)£25.50   £22.95  (177)

  • 94% Cotton
  • Tummy Control Panel
  • UK Sizes 10 - 26
Sloggi Control Tai Briefs (2 PACK)

Sloggi Control Tai Briefs (2 PACK)£23.50   £21.15  (72)

  • 94% Cotton
  • Tummy Smoothing
  • UK Sizes 10 - 20
Sloggi Control Maxi (Single Pack)

Sloggi Control Maxi (Single Pack)£14.00   £12.60  (7)

  • 94% Cotton
  • Flattens & Smoothes
  • UK Sizes 10 - 26
Anita Post-Natal Panty Girdle 1885

Anita Post-Natal Panty Girdle 1885£58.00   £52.20  (1)

Anita Clara Panty Girdle 1760

Anita Clara Panty Girdle 1760£33.00   £29.70  (1)

Anita Safina Panty Girdle 1849

Anita Safina Panty Girdle 1849£37.00   £33.30  (1)


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The great thing about these new garments is that they come in all shapes and sizes. If one style of shape wear does not do it for you another style is sure to give the desired result. Years ago, shapewear only came in super large sizes, nowadays you can buy them in any dress size that you need.

Even if you do exercise, it is hard to get the body shape you are after, plus, you can look great in a dress, but not quite have the figure to still be able to pull off jeans and a tight t-shirt. This is when you need to consider buying some shape wear to help you out a bit.

The shape wear you need depends on what part of your body you want to shape and what you are going to wear. If the lower half of your body just needs shaping then a pair of shaper leggings or tights may be what you are after. If you want to flatten your stomach, a waist cincher is probably what you need.

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Sloggi Basic Maxi Briefs 3 Pair Pack

Sloggi Basic Maxi Briefs 3 Pair Pack£26.00   £23.40  (368)

Sloggi Basic Tai Briefs 3-Pack

Sloggi Basic Tai Briefs 3-Pack£26.00   £23.40  (237)

Sloggi Basic Long Leg Knickers

Sloggi Basic Long Leg Knickers£16.00   £14.40  (162)

Sloggi Double Comfort Bra Top

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Sloggi Romance Slip On Bra

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Triumph Delicate Doreen N Soft Bra

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Triumph Doreen Bra Non Wired Full Cup

Triumph Doreen Bra Non Wired Full Cup£32.00   £27.20  (98)

Triumph Supersoft Bra Wired & Padded

Triumph Supersoft Bra Wired & Padded£38.00   £34.20  (146)