Sloggi EverNew: Underwear that’s ever new!

As its name suggests, the differentiating factor of the EverNew collection is its ability to maintain shape, color, and softness for an astonishingly long time. Much like Kylie Minogue with her ever-new body, these panties will leave in slight disbelief when you realize just how many washes you’ve put them through. The new collection is starting out with all of the basics: a wired bra, a non-wired bra, and a selection of brief styles including the Mini, the Hipster, the Midi, and the Tai.

Sloggi are so confident in the EverNew collection that they have even had it independently verified and proven to look and feel as good as new four times longer than comparable fabrics.( Test report 78152 by UL AG, Verification Services, Steinach, Switzerland - October 2014, view report)

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