Sloggi Evernew: Undies that Keep Their Appeal

Sloggi EverNew: Panties that Keep Their Appeal

Sloggi has launched a new line of underwear that promises to encourage consumers to raise their standards when it comes to quality knickers and bras that maintain their appeal over time. They’re so impressive, in fact, that Kylie Minogue had decided to be the new face (or bum!) of Sloggi EverNew. It’s fitting, since the 47 year old star herself seems impervious to ageing—of course she’d want underpants that promised the same!

What’s so special about Sloggi?

Sloggi isn’t a new name in the underwear market—far from it. The brand has built a sterling reputation for its commitment to comfortable, attractive, super-soft clothing over the past three decades. Despite their commitment to comfort, however, Sloggi is far from getting comfortable enough to rest on its laurels. Instead, it’s continually pursuing innovation in materials, processes, and silhouettes to give its fans the very best in under garments. Its newest line, EverNew, is a testament to Sloggi’s devotion to improvement. Sloggi EverNew features revolutionary fabrics and other materials that prolong the life of these attractive, comfy undergarments up to 400% more than that of and other brand offerings.

Sloggi EverNew: Underwear that’s ever new

As its name suggests, the differentiating factor of the EverNew line is its ability to maintain shape, color, and softness for an astonishingly long time. Much like Kylie with her ever-new body, these panties will leave in slight disbelief when you realize just how many washes you’ve put them through. The new collection is starting out with all of the basics: an underwired bra, a non-wired bra, and a selection of brief styles including the Mini, the Hipster, the Midi, and the Tai.

How does Sloggi EverNew do it?

The foundation of the magic that is the new Evernew line is a type of cotton called “Supima” cotton. Supima cotton is a trademarked version of Pima cotton, a superior form of cotton that has longer, stronger, finer fibers. That translates into more durable, softer, finer, more luxurious fabrics. It’s primarily used for high end brands and items, and items woven from Supima are usually found at upscale retailers. The “Supima” trademark indicates that not only has a garment been made with this superior cotton, but that its cotton content is 100% Pima cotton—all other additions to the fabric must be noted.

So, Sloggi EverNew starts with the very best cotton the industry has to offer, but it doesn’t stop there.

Sloggi EverNew undergarments are made with Supima cotton expertly reinforced with the innovative new LYCRA XTRA LIFE technology. LYCRA XTRA LIFE is to stretchable fibers what Supima cotton is to cotton. It’s a revolutionary new form of LYCRA that is used to enhance garments so that they maintain their shape and colour, even when they’re exposed to frequent stretching, washing, or other factors that typically damage clothing. It’s a prime component in top of the line swimwear, handling exposure to chlorinated water with ease, and in designer denim. Now this high performance material will be supporting Sloggi EverNew consumers in comfortable undies that keep their shape.

Finally, Sloggi has perfected its own proprietary finishing technique to further lock in colour and preserve softness. Sloggi EverNew may be the world’s most advanced underwear, offering performance blended with long lasting luxury for cute panties that don’t quit.

Treating yourself to quality bras and briefs that last

Consumers have long been convinced to set the standard for underwear far too low. There’s no other category of clothing which women spend a comparable amount of money on and expect to be very nearly disposable.

At any given time, the typical woman may have twenty or more pairs of briefs in her underwear drawer—a few that are relatively new, comfortable, and appealing; the majority which are okay, perhaps a bit faded or stretched; and a few stragglers that will be thrown out soon, with unravelling waistbands, small holes, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a respectable number of panties that all look nice, and not have to sort through the chaff for a pair that’s presentable?

Sloggi thinks so and the EvernNw line proves it. Not only does EverNew set a new standard for quality underwear that lasts, it does so with eminently reasonable price points. Sloggi EverNew may be the Rolls Royce of everyday underwear lines, but you won’t be paying Rolls Royce prices!

What does the collection offer so far?

The EverNew collection features four different cuts of briefs, and two types of bras, in a variety of appealing colors. There’s something for everyone!

The EverNew Mini Brief

The Mini Brief is a dainty take on the traditional bikini brief style, a low cut waist with modestly high cut legs.

Sloggi EverNew Mini Brief

The EverNew Midi Brief

The Midi Brief has a higher cut waist and lower cut legs, for a bit more coverage, and optimal support.

Sloggi EverNew Midi Brief

The EverNew Hipster Brief

The Hipster Brief is a low-riding cut that will be especially popular with those who like to wear jeans with a low waist.

Sloggi EverNew Hipster Brief

The EverNew Tai Brief

The Tai brief is the sweet spot between the mini and the midi for those who like the mini’s lower cut, but want something between its higher cut leg and the midi’s lower cut leg.

Sloggi EverNew Tai Brief

The EverNew Soft Non-Wired Bra

The perfect under T-shirt accessory, this soft and cosy non-wired bra offers an outstanding fit without the need for underwires.

Sloggi EverNew Soft Bra

The EverNew Wired Bra

For those days when you want a bit more support, the EverNew Wired Bra has you covered with a full, non-padded cup, and perfectly engineered and covered underwires.

Sloggi EverNew Underwired Bra

Transform your underwear drawer with Sloggi EverNew

If it’s time for you to give your cluttered underwear drawer a makeover, the Sloggi EverNew collection is a great place to start. You’ll be investing in underwear that’s as appealing as it is practical, and as luxurious as it is long-lasting. Let yourself redefine your standards for quality lingerie—it can and should be offering you so much more.