Sloggi Basic Cotton Underwear For Men

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Sloggi Basic Maxi (Twin Pack)
£25.50   £22.95  (30)
Sloggi Basic Midi (Single Pack)
£13.50   £12.15  (9)
Sloggi Basic Midi Twin Pack
£23.50   £21.15  (78)
Sloggi Basic Mini (Single Pack)
£13.00   £11.70  (5)
Sloggi Basic Mini (Twin Pack)
£20.50   £18.45  (59)
Sloggi Basic Short (Single Pack)
£17.00   £15.30  (5)
Sloggi Basic Short (Twin Pack)
£31.50   £28.35  (39)
Sloggi Basic Tanga
£17.00   £15.30
Sloggi Maxi Briefs For Men
£14.50   £13.05  (41)
Sloggi Men EverNew Midi Brief
£13.50   £12.15

Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
Sloggi Basic is an everyday, high quality, simple range of underwear. The Basic mens range has been very popular for many years with Needundies customers. All the briefs are made with 96% cotton which means they are breathable and soft against the skin. This range is hard wearing, easy to care for and has well positioned seams – all the attributes of exceptional everyday underwear. The briefs feature discreet Sloggi branding on the waistbands. The Sloggi Basic range includes a Hipster, Maxi, Midi, Mini, Short and a Tanga.
The Basic Hipster is a fitted trunk and the Basic Short is a fitted boxer, both these styles are great for everyday comfort wear. The best selling Basic Maxi is a classic full brief with a Y-Front fly. The popular Basic Midi is smaller in styling than the Maxi brief and does not have a fly. The Basic Mini is a slip style brief with narrower sides. The Basic Tanga has a brief suspended from its elasticated waistband and no side panels.