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Sports Bra Guide

Needundies Sports Bra Guide

If you take part in high intensity sports, you want to get the most out of your workout! If you are not properly supported by your sports bra you can be distracted by the movement of your breasts.

Needundies recommend the Anita 5519 Momentum
or the Triumph Triaction Extreme sport bras for high impact activities such as Horse Riding, Running & Kickboxing.


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Medium impact activities such as Zumba, TRX and Kettlebells have hit the nation by storm in the last few years with many women joining evening classes wishing to be more active and seeking a healthier, toned body.

Needundies recommend the Anita 5521 Light Activity Bra
or the Triumph Triaction Triaction Workout sport bras.

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When participating in light exercise it is important you feel confident and supported. Wearing a correctly fitting sports bra gives you the assurance that your breasts are being securely held in place whilst trying to perform the variety of poses activities such as Yoga and Pilates involve.
Needundies recommend the Anita 5531 Light & Firm
or the Triumph Front Fastening Fitness sport bras for these types of activities.

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