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When participating in light exercise it is important you feel confident and supported. Wearing a correctly fitting sports bra gives you the assurance that your breasts are being securely held in place whilst trying to perform the variety of poses activities such as Yoga and Pilates involve, after all no-one wants to perform the ‘Downward Facing Dog’ and expose themselves!

You may have previously felt that it is unnecessary to wear a sports bra for low intensity activities such as weight training however most ‘every day’ bras have not been anatomically designed to support you during such movements. For example, when we raise our arms above our head in a standard bra the breast tissue will rise and become partially supported or even un-supported. Whereas when you wear a sports bra the breast tissue will be encompassed and supported within the bras fuller, stretch, cups.
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Anita Light Activity Sports Bra 5521

Anita Light Activity Sports Bra 5521£45.00   £40.50  (14)

Royce Wirefree Teen Sports Bra

Royce Wirefree Teen Sports Bra£22.00   £19.80

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