shapewear problems & solutions

Shapewear is about enhancing and smoothing the body to look how you want to look, without exercise or surgery. It is no longer the ‘stiff, thick underwear which holds everything in’ you think of when imagining shapewear; designers are now manufacturing shapewear made from innovative fabrics which are lightweight and often attractive but still give firm control. Our bodies can be transformed if we select the correct shapewear, making correct decisions and being realistic is very important when choosing shapewear.

“I’d like to smooth my stomach so it has a flatter appearance…”

Select a ‘High Waist Brief’ or a ‘High Waist Thong’ these will provide coverage of your stomach up to your ribcage smoothing out any lumps.

“I’d like to smooth and contour my stomach and lift my bottom…”

Select a ‘Bodysuit’ these are great for under dresses when you want a smooth stomach and a pert bottom, with some styles you can even wear your own bra with them.

“I’d like to smooth my hips and thighs only…”

Select a ‘Short’ or ‘Long Leg Pant’ this should slim down your thighs, smooth the hips and contour your bottom.

“I’d like to lift my bottom and not have a visible panty line…”

Select a pair of shaping ‘Push-Up Tights’ or a ‘Short’ style. The tights will provide you with a streamlined look and a pert bottom if you wish to wear skirts and dresses. The ‘Short’ style will sit under your buttocks preventing VPL, lifting your bottom and providing a great shape under any garment.

“I’d like to reduce the appearance of my waistline and have more of an hourglass figure…”

Select a ‘Waist cincher’ for that ideal hourglass figure and you can wear your own bra and knickers.

“I’d like to smooth my stomach, hips and thighs and also lift my bottom…”

Select a ‘High Waist Long Leg Pant’ this item should smooth out all of these area that you wish would be smoother whilst giving you a pert bottom and you can wear your own bra.