Why We Love Great Supporting Underwear

Whether you’re a delicate A cup or a voluptuous DD, a great supporting bra is something that every woman should be concerned with.

While there’s a common belief that support is only necessary during high impact sports, the reality is that keeping your chest braced is something that should be incorporated into your day-to-day life. Here’s why we love support underwear and an overview of some of the occasions when it comes in most handy!

Everyday Benefits

While your schedule might vary from day to day, the need to keep your breasts supported remains constant. Whether you’re at work, out for lunch, hitting the shops or doing the daily school run, do your body a favour and invest in a bra with good support.

We love the Triumph Comfort Minimiser bra featuring the company’s trademark ‘comfort wires’ which are specially designed to bend and flex with your body. With its smooth moulded cups and, softly padded straps and versatile set of colours, this bra is perfect for giving your boobs the support they need under any outfit!

Triumph Comfort Minimiser

While daytime support is important, what about when you’re pottering around the house, or even sleeping? If your chest is fabulously full, or even if you’re smaller chested and prefer a little extra coverage, you’ll love products such as the Sloggi Double Comfort Top. Comfortable enough for bed and the sofa yet supportive enough to wear to your weekly Yoga or Pilates class, this soft, breathable and stretchy bra will quickly become one of your everyday favourites!

Sloggi Double Comfort Top


If there was ever an occasion when your boobs need extra support it’s when you’re partaking in sporting activities. If you’re a runner, it pays to invest in a goods sports bra that will provide you with complete bounce support. The Ultimate Run Bra from Shock Absorber is the ideal way to reduce the bounce, offering friction free comfort, total breast support and wide gel padded straps to ease the burden on your shoulders. With seamless cups to eliminate any uncomfortable chaffing, there simply isn’t a better way to pound the pavement!

Ultimate Run Bra


Nursing a new born can do things to your breasts that you never thought possible. Even the most small chested of women can find themselves sporting a C cup which can be a bit of a shock to the body. As such, having a good maternity bra on hand is absolutely essential. For a simple yet effective solution, we recommend the Anita Maternity Bra 5168 (Non-Wired). Featuring seam free design, breathable microfiber fabric, softly padded wide straps and a three position back fastener, this bra is ideal for new mums with pressure sensitive breasts.

Anita Soft Maternity Bra


If you’ve just undergone breast surgery, it is crucial to keep yourself adequately supported with a specially designed bra. Without one, you can greatly jeopardise both your comfort and of chances of a quick recovery. For a support bra that ticks all the boxes, take a look at the Silver Post Surgery Bra from Royce. The front fastening feature and drop cups offer the ultimate in accessibility while the seam free side panels, ‘magic straps’ and double layer cups will keep you wonderfully comfortable throughout your healing process.

Royce Post Surgery Bra 1006

So there you have it ladies! Whether you’re at the office, lounging around the house, hitting the gym, nursing a new bub or recovering from surgery, a suitable support bra should be an essential part of your lingerie drawer.