Why Cotton Underwear Is Simply The Best

We all wear them and we all need them for comfort and protection throughout the day. Underwear is an essential part of any attire and when it comes time to replace your under garments, just buying the same brand or type may not be enough. Today, underwear can be manufactured from a variety of fabrics from nylon to silk, but by far, the most common and comfortable variety of undergarment is cotton underwear.

Is Cotton Best for Underwear?

When shopping for underwear, it is tempting to simply shop by style, colour, or design, but this tactic will not produce a comfortable wearer experience. Comfort is the key ingredient for any under garment as no one is ever really going to see them. You can have certain under garments that are for style rather than functionality on special occasions, but your primary focus should always be on comfort. You wear your underwear for many hours throughout the day and if they are not cotton, you will likely regret the decision.

Why is Cotton Underwear Best?

Many will continue to argue when it comes to the various materials available for underwear, but time and time again, most people come back to the basic notion that cotton is the best fabric for any under garment. Here are just a few reasons why cotton is far superior than other types of material.

Itch Prevention

Having an itch at any time is uncomfortable, but having an itch in an area covered by your underwear can be a nightmare. Scratching those sensitive areas is not merely frowned upon, but can leave those sensitive areas even more sensitive. What is unique about cotton is that it actually prevents many of our itches from occurring in the first place. The natural fibres work with all types of skin and alleviate itching issues. If you find yourself with the urge to scratch constantly, your underwear is likely not made out of cotton.


Cotton has proven to be an across the board ideal solution for underwear manufacturers. It provides the ability to have a beautiful and stylish product, but also has the versatility cotton is known for. This is primarily the reason it is used in so many different underwear and outer garments today.


Allergies happen throughout the year at different times. Some people are more sensitive then others, but if you want to be nice to your skin and alleviate many allergy symptoms, cotton underwear is king. The natural fabric is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Cotton underwear can also be washed in any dye free or scent free detergents making them an even better option for the most fabric sensitive individuals.

Stops Odours

Odours from the underwear department can happen without warning. Standard silk fabrics and other under garment materials do nothing to mask common human odours, but cotton can keep you from an embarrassing situation. In addition to its natural odour prevention qualities, Cotton is highly absorbent, so in the event of a bit of leakage, you are less likely to suffer embarrassment from moisture and odour as well.

Is Cotton Underwear Breathable?

Yes. That is by far one of the best aspects of cotton underwear. Cotton under garments absorb body moisture and lock it away. They also allow for proper air flow whether you are wearing a bra or underwear. Sweating while working out can cause discomfort and lead to chaffing, but cotton underwear can stop the issue dead in its tracks, so you can keep up with your daily routine without interruption from the wrong type of underwear.

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