Whatever Happened to the Thong?

For decades, the thong was a quintessential item of lingerie that embodied the essence of style, sex appeal and practicality. Yet today, the skimpy garment seems to have experienced a notable decline in the underwear drawers of the everyday woman. Furthermore, some consider the thong to carry a slight stigma of being unfashionable, trashy and uncomfortable (thanks a lot Britney, Rhianna and Miley).

The good news is, this couldn’t be further from the truth! We’re here to set to story straight and raise the thong back to its original status as underwear essential.

When Did the Thong Make its First Appearance?

Rumour has it that the thong was first invented in 1939 when former New York mayor, Fiorello LaGuardia expressed displeasure at the amount of skin the city’s exotic dancers were flaunting. To counteract the problem, the thong was designed to give the girls a little more coverage yet still retain their sex appeal.

While the world got its first glimpse of the thong back in the 30’s, the skimpy garment shot to worldwide fame in 1974 when famous fashion designer Rudi Gernreich launched the first thong swimsuit which created a fashion industry scandal to say the least.

Benefits of the Thong

If you want to channel the sultry sex appeal of New York’s exotic dancers there is simply nothing more erotic than a thong. As the mayor intended, the garments offer a little modesty yet will still have your lover drooling with desire. For an irresistible sexy little number, why not try the Wolbar Zorba Thong which is guaranteed to make you look and feel like a million dollars?.

Wolbar Zorba Thong

Yet by far, the thongs most prominent benefit is its ability to tackle the dreaded VPL. As the decades wear on, clothes have become tighter and sexier. This is great for fashion forward women yet presents a problem in the underwear department as often a fabulous outfit can be ruined by the presence of a pesky VPL. The unique design of a thong eliminates this problem and leaves panty lines smooth and invisible, as they should be! .

How to Wear a Thong With Class

Nothing screams trashy more than a thong that is peeking over your jeans waistline or clearly visible under a pair of skin-tight white pants. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure that your thong stays classy! To start with, choose a good design. The Anita Comfort Sue Cotton Thong is ideal as it sits nicely on the hips which ensure the straps stay hidden. Choosing the right colour is also essential. Put simply, don’t wear a dark coloured thong under light coloured clothing!

Anita Sue Thong

So there you have it girls! The thong is still well and truly alive and has an array of fantastic benefits that you can’t afford not to enjoy. Whether you want to spice up your underwear collection with a delicate lacy number or utilise the benefits of a comfy cotton thong to combat the VPL, thongs are making a comeback and are here to stay!

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