What Is a Bralette?

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Call it what you like - the crop top bra, the slip-on or step-in bra, or the bralette - it’s a trend that’s big at the moment. Designed to be both comfortable and elegant, a bralette is a flattering and functional choice for ladies who love a little flexibility with their lingerie collection.

What is a Bralette?

A bralette is a type of bra that is designed without moulded cups or underwiring. Bralettes serve two purposes:

      1. They are comfortable, fit snugly and provide adequate support for the breasts.

      2. They are fashionable, elegant and flattering for the feminine shape.

Bralettes can be crafted from different materials, such as cotton, lace or mesh, and their popularity has meant they are available in a wide range of styles - everything from sleek sportswear to sensual lace lingerie.

The Benefits of Bralettes

So, what are the advantages of the bralette over the traditional bra? There are many!

First of all, because they are not made with extra padding, shaped cups or wire, bralettes are often a much more comfortable alternative to the standard bra. They offer support without restriction, giving you comfort and freedom of movement all day long. The bralette is also the ideal design for those who wish to wear a bra in bed.

Another benefit of the bralette is its aesthetic appeal. With many gorgeous designs available, and the fact that they are somewhere between classic underwear and regular clothing, bralettes can be worn as a statement garment and incorporated into your whole look, perhaps under an unbuttoned shirt or a summer dress, rather than hidden under layers of clothing like traditional underwear. Some bralettes can even be worn as a top on their own.

Bralettes are also very easy to put on. Forget fiddling around with extra buckles and straps: a bralette can simply be slipped on, or stepped into, and you’re ready to go. Slip-on bras are convenient and highly versatile: wear to bed, under your workwear, or as part of your formal attire - an elegant lingerie choice that allows your look to blend seamlessly from day to night.

4 Beautiful Bralette Styles

If you’ve just discovered bralettes, or looking to grow your existing collection, here are the four essential styles of this ever-trendy garment to include in your underwear drawer.

1 - The Everyday Slip-On

Perhaps the most practical and versatile of all bra types, the everyday slip-on is a wardrobe staple for women of all ages. Whatever your personal style, you won’t be able to resist the simple elegance of a soft and smooth bralette that fits snugly around your natural shape. Bras such as the essential Sloggi Silhouette Slip On Bralette is crafted with your comfort at the forefront of the design, and allows you just as much movement as you could expect from going braless - with the added benefit of supreme support.

2 - The Push-Up Bralette

If you’re looking for a little boost from your bra without compromising on comfort, choose a barely there push-up bralette such as this one from the Sloggi Zero Feel range. As well as giving you all the support you need from your everyday bra, the design enhances your natural curves to give you a beautiful silhouette, with no need for uncomfortable padding or underwire.

3 - The Lacy Statement Crop

Who says slip-on bras are boring? A lacy little number is essential for those moments when you’re feeling a little fancy, and can be incorporated into an elegant evening look, or worn under clothes that are just the right shape to allow the bralette to peek out flirtatiously. Express yourself with a lacy statement crop top / bra that is both gorgeous to look at, and irresistibly easy to wear. The divinely feminine Amourette Spotlight N Slip On Bralette from Triumph is the perfect combination of comfort and class.

4 - The Sleeping Bra

Sometimes it just feels better to sleep with a bra than without one. To allow freedom of movement and ensure you stay consistently comfy throughout the night, you need to make sure you choose a high quality slip on bra that fits properly and doesn’t restrict. The Anita Crop Top Sleep Bra doubles up as a maternity bra and general sleep top. The lightweight, breathable fabric and flexible design means you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

At NeedUndies, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the lingerie and fashion industry, and our various brands are always looking for new ways to innovate and combine the most recent trends with their own timeless styles. Explore our carefully arranged collection of bralettes, crop top and slip-on bras in full, and choose the next addition for your underwear drawer today.

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