The Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Underwear Mishaps

While underwear is a godsend for supporting, shaping and streamlining your overall look, unfortunately, it can often present a number of unsightly mishaps! To help you avoid those pesky underwear accidents, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide covering all the most common calamities:


The VPL is by far one of the most commonly felt underwear mishaps. Experienced by ladies of all shapes and sizes, sometimes those knickers just insist on being seen! Whether they’re peeking through a pair of skinny jeans or making their mark on your Saturday night dress, VPLs can instantly make an outfit seem unpolished.

Thankfully, there’s a straightforward solution to the issue in the form of sleek, seamless underwear! Products such as the Sloggi Light Hipster Brief are the ideal answer to keeping those VPLs at bay, crafted with innovative fabric and seamless design for an ultra-smooth derriere.

Sloggi Light Hipster

Visible Bra Straps

There is simply no greater fashion offence than ruining a gorgeous sleeveless garment with a pair of visible bra straps. Luckily, the issue can be solved simply be investing in a bra featuring removable straps. The Sloggi Wow Push Up Bra is guaranteed to impress, offering unmatched support and comfort with the flexibility to remove straps when the occasion calls.

Sloggi Wow Push Up Bra

Back Bulge

Occurring when a bra digs into the skin, the back bulge is a widely experienced issue by countless women across the nation. The key to beating the bulge is to choose the right fit. NeedUndies make it easy with its simple size guide covering every necessary measurement. For ladies that still experience the problem, opting for bras with wider bands or triple clips can help keep the bulge at bay.

Rising Thong Band

Nothing ruins a sexy pair of jeans quite like a visible thong band. While Britney may have thought it was on trend back in the early 2000s, today it is a classic underwear mishap. Combat the issue with items such as the Anita Comfort Sue Cotton Thong. With its ultra-comfortable design and low rise fit, you can ensure that you stay classy!

Anita Sue Cotton Thong


It may not be visible to the public eye but the issue of chaffing can render your knickers extremely uncomfortable. The All Woman Anti-Chaffing Brief from Big Bloomers is the perfect solution, the super comfy polyamide/elastane blend fabric keeping ladies comfortable all day long.

Anti-Chafing Brief

Bouncy Boobs

Ladies blessed with wonderfully full cleavage may be the envy of some but the reality is that big boobs can often be a burden without the right support. Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or simply hitting the shops, be kind to your body with a supportive bra that gives your breasts all the support they need.

A Bloated Tum

Want to look slim and sexy in even the slinkiest of outfits. Ensure that your tummy looks gorgeous in every outfit with a pair of shaping knickers such as the Body Wrap Lites High Waist Panty. Seamless, comfortable and wonderfully controlling, shaping kickers are an underwear drawer essential.

Hi-Waist Panty

Keep in mind these simple underwear tips and you can ensure that you are never again the victim of an embarrassing underwear mishap!