The Complete Guide to Spring Lingerie Prep

The Complete Guide to Spring Lingerie Prep

Spring hasn’t exactly sprung yet but it’s definitely on the horizon! The weather’s starting to warm up, high street colour palettes are starting to get brighter and there is a definite ray of sunshine at the end of a long, cold winter. Of course, with the changing of the seasons comes the need for a wardrobe overhaul! While what you wear on the outside is important, your underwear can also have a big impact on your overall springtime look.

To help you look your best we’ve put together a complete guide to spring lingerie prep that will keep you looking fabulous all season long!

A pretty bra for wearing under sheer tops

When it’s not quite cold enough for heavy knits but not quite warm enough for pretty summer dresses, what do you do? Rock a sexy sheer number of course! And no, we’re not talking trashy 80s numbers. Instead, think elegant long sleeves, high necks, smart collars and feminine detailing. Choosing denser fabrics is also a good idea to maintain modesty and class.

As for what to wear underneath… Rather than cover up with a slinky singlet why not opt for a gorgeous bra? Lace looks stunning underneath sheer clothing, with full coverage garments such as the Triumph Amourette 300 WHP Bra creating the perfect look. Just remember to colour coordinate as black bras under sheer white tops is a definite fashion faux pas!

Seamless or no VPL knickers

Without extra thick tights or thermals to hide your panty line you’re going to need to stock up on seamless or no VPL underwear. Spring wardrobes are much lighter than their winter counterparts which means that there’s a much higher risk of your panty line being on show. Combat the dreaded VPL by sporting specially made briefs that create a flawless finish, no matter how lightweight your wardrobe. For everyday comfort we love the Sloggi MyDay Short Brief while the ultra-sexy Sloggi Hot Hips Light String is perfect for bottoms that require barely there briefs.

A sexy sports bra

As the weather warms up ladies are starting to look ahead to summer which goes hand in hand with wanting a banging bikini body. Hitting the gym is a great way to start getting in shape as well as release feel-good endorphins into the body.

Give your assets all the support they need with products like the Shock Absorber Sports Support Bra. Moisture absorbing and friction free, the bra will make working up a sweat that little bit more bearable!

Lightweight thermals

It may not be bitterly cold but we all know that springtime in the UK can still be a little chilly at times. On the less than perfect days a lightweight thermal singlet will keep you cosy without bulking out your outfit. With its pretty feminine detailing and mid-thigh length fit the Vedonis Thermal French Neck Vest is fabulous for wearing under tops and dresses alike.

Are you ready to blossom this spring?