The Best Materials for Supremely Comfortable Underwear

To a certain extent, your underwear determines how your day goes. Wearing the size and style that fits well is only a part of buying the perfect undergarment.

The fashion world is saturated with synthetic fabrics: they’re cheaper and easier to mass-produce than a lot of natural materials, but they’re not always the best option when comfort is your priority.

Generally, even if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, natural materials are the best choice if you want underwear that is comfortable, breathable and healthy for your body and intimate areas. There are also some contemporary blends of synthetic with natural fabrics that are gentle to skin and designed to mimic the qualities of natural fibres.

So, here are the materials to look out for: if you purchase underwear made from these fabrics, you can be sure you’re getting high quality garments that will last for years.


Cotton is one of the most affordable natural fibres and is a great option for underwear. It offers excellent temperature control, so your skin can breathe and stay at a consistent temperature when and wherever you wear it. Not only does this keep you comfortable for long periods of time, but it is healthier for your body too. Unlike much synthetic material which is made using petroleum, cotton is a sustainable option, as it is made from a plant which can be regrown, so buying cotton underwear is a more environmentally responsible choice.


Silk is perhaps the ultimate material for comfort and breathability, hence its historical reputation as the most luxurious of fabrics for clothing. While it is often a more expensive option than other natural fibres, the supreme softness and moisture-absorbing properties means that silk can be worn all year round and in any climate. Although it might seem very delicate, silk is highly durable: if given the correct washing treatment, silk underwear will last for years without losing its shape or colour.


Linen is made from the flax plant and is similar to cotton, only it is even lighter and more breathable. It is also more durable and stronger than cotton, and allows air to flow through it, as well as efficiently absorbing moisture, keeping the skin fresh, clean and at a regular temperature. Linen keeps you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. Although it isn’t the most common material used in underwear, choosing pants and bras that have an even small amount of linen are significantly more comfortable and durable than those made from synthetics. Wear on holiday in a warm location, and stay warm when wearing in cooler weather by choosing linen.


Hemp is another natural fibre that is becoming increasingly popular for underwear and other garments. Hemp is gentle to skin and very durable, and it also a rapid growth fibre which means that it is sustainable. The hemp plant needs little water and no pesticides to keep it alive, making it one of the most environmentally friendly choices for clothing. If you love looking after the environment as much as being comfortable, buy hemp underwear.

Cotton / Silk Satin

Satin is a general term that refers to a type of fabric woven in a particular way. Genuine pure satin is made from natural materials such as cotton or silk. Treat yourself and choose real satin for your underwear, and experience a material unlike any other: its close weave give it its unique soft and cooling to the touch, looks incredible and is divinely breathable. Satin is the perfect choice for those who want beautiful, sexy underwear for a special occasion that also keeps you cool and comfortable, wherever you wear it.

Cotton Blends & Rayon

Fabric doesn’t have to be made from 100% pure cotton to be considerably more comfortable than purely synthetic fabric. You can save money without compromising on quality by choosing underwear with 50% or more cotton (the other 50% will typically be polyester, or a mix of polyester and rayon). On that note, if you’re comfortable in synthetic underwear, rayon is a particularly good option. Although it is manmade, rayon contains natural polymers, and can be woven into an imitation of all kinds of natural fabrics. While rayon versions of cotton, silk and satin are not as breathable or gentle to skin as the originals, they nevertheless make beautiful and durable underwear that many may find preferable to wearing 100% polyester.

Finding the perfect underwear can be a struggle, but with knowledge of the best materials to look out for, you’ll easily start creating a supremely comfortable and gorgeous collection for your wardrobe.