The Beauty of Ladies’ Loungewear

The Beauty of Ladies’ Loungewear

Here at Needundies, you may have noticed that we’ve recently added a luxurious range of ladies’ loungewear from Jockey to our extensive collection. These stunning everyday garments combine comfort and style effortlessly, and are a must-have addition to the wardrobe of any modern woman - you can explore the Jockey loungewear collection here.

Loungewear has been a big trend for years now, but there may still be a few ladies out there who aren’t familiar with the concept. If you’ve never purchased loungewear, or if you’re wondering what the fuss is all about, we’re about to introduce you to the beauty of these garments – it just might change your life!

What is loungewear?

Think comfort, think versatility, think sleep-inspired style. Loungewear is a type of clothing which is designed for those times when you’re relaxing, especially around your home – it’s a bridge between your regular nightwear and the clothes you might wear to go out. They’re essentially pyjamas that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed about welcoming guests into your home in.

Where once this category might have included tatty tracksuits and worn jumpers, fashion brands have upped the luxe-factor in recent years. Loungewear now includes stylish yoga pants, cashmere knits, fleeced leggings, silky tees, utility-style trousers and comfortable hoodies. Loungewear is never tight or unforgiving – instead, it’s made from either a light and stretchy fabric, or it’s intended to be a loose garment which drapes and falls perfectly.

Notable loungewear collections include The White Company’s stylish two-pieces, the Rosie for Autograph collection at Marks & Spencer, and of course, the New York-inspired new collection from Jockey.

The key differentiating factor between loungewear and other comfortable clothes is the luxury factor. Loungewear is great for injecting a little glamour into everyday scenarios and situations. Who said you had to sacrifice style when relaxing in your own home?

The capsule loungewear collection

To create your very own capsule loungewear wardrobe, you’ll need to invest in a few key pieces:

  • A chunky knit. This can be a cardigan or a jumper, and it could be wide-knit or cashmere, whichever feels the most comfortable to you.
  • Comfortable socks. These could be lined with cashmere or another fleece material, and are perfect for wearing around the home.
  • A matching two-piece. Jockey’s loungewear collection features a range of different tops and bottoms, each with luxe detailing and a high-end finish, perfect for your first loungewear two-piece.

When and where should loungewear be worn?

Loungewear is renowned for being incredibly versatile – it can be worn at a multitude of different occasions and for a range of purposes. Certain pieces of loungewear, like leggings and yoga pants, for example, can be worn while doing light exercise such as pilates or (of course) yoga.

Loungewear hoodies can be worn to tackle the laundry on a chilly day, or for relaxing with friends with a glass of wine on a wintry evening. The super-soft tees that are ever-present in most loungewear collections make them ideal for throwing on first thing in the morning when you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen for yourself and your significant other – and they’re often cut in incredibly flattering shapes, so you can look fabulous while you’re doing it.

Mixing and matching

The beauty of loungewear is that it’s eminently casual. No one is expecting your loungewear to match perfectly – it’s about comfort above all else. Every piece in Jockey’s collection comes in four different colours, so you can create different casual looks by switching it up. By purchasing the items in different shades, you can make your loungewear work harder and get plenty of wear out of each item.

Top tips for purchasing loungewear

Thinking of investing in your first items of loungewear? We don’t blame you. Here are some top tips for making that first purchase and ensuring it’ll be a staple in your wardrobe for many years to come.

  • Supersize it. If in doubt about the size of garment you should choose, go one bigger than you might usually opt for. This creates the effortless, slouchy look that loungewear is renowned for. You don’t want any of your loungewear to cling too tightly, it should be loose and comfortable above all else.
  • Shun embellishment for minor detail. Glitter, sequins and other embellishments are out when it comes to loungewear. Your garments should be muted, with minor details like lace panels, drawstrings or asymmetrical hems.
  • Choose muted, neutral colours. Purchasing loungewear in aggressive shades of purple or yellow goes against all that loungewear stands for! Instead, opt for neutral, calm shades like navy, grey, oatmeal and dusky pink. These relaxing tones will help put you in a more serene mindset.
  • Look for luxe materials. Choose loungewear which has a high cotton-count, or opt for material like silk or cashmere. Shun materials like velour and nylon, which can irritate the skin and become uncomfortable after a time.

Loungewear as a gift

If you’ve completed your loungewear collection and want to convert your friends and relatives, loungewear makes a fantastic gift for a birthday or special occasion. What better way to show someone you care about them than providing them with an item which exudes both comfort and style? You won’t need to worry too much about sizing because loungewear is better when it’s loose, and you can guarantee they’ll get plenty of use out of the garment, rather than hiding it at the back of their wardrobe never to see the light of day.