Smaller Bust Bras for Big Personalities

We have all watched on as women with, let’s say, a more than generous cup size adorn the covers of magazines, banners and the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, but the world knows that feeling sexy and noticeable bust aren’t mutually exclusive. The likes of Keira Knightley, Cara Delevingne and Ariana Grande are just a few examples of iconic women that prove that women who wear an A cup can still have a beautiful womanly figure.

Here at Needundies, you will find a wide range of bras for small busts from our UK-based shop that will offer you the support and confidence you are looking for. From AA cup bras designed to offer comfort post-surgery to bras for smaller cups that come with a little extra padding that help fill out your most flattering outfits.

Smaller Busted Women Still Need a Well-Supported Bra

Contrary to the misconception of many, women with smaller breasts do still require the support that comes with wearing a bra. While they may not suffer from the same back pain that ladies with D cups notably suffer from. That is because the absence of a bra will accelerate the ageing (sagging) process. If you want to maintain your petite figure, you should make sure to regularly wear a bra to avoid premature drooping.

When attending a bra fitting, you want to make sure that your bra fits your body perfectly - without exception. For smaller-breasted women, the firmness of the band is what is most important. The band should sit level on your back and relatively tight (but not too tight) to the body - this way you will be able to raise your arms in the air safe in the knowledge that your bra will not ride up over your breasts. Forever having to pull your bra back down every time you reach up for something is far from ideal.

Comfort Above All Else

Your bra of choice should be comfortable because, after all, you are going to be wearing it for the majority of the day. Although you may not have the same issue as a more well-endowed woman may endure of having the bra’s underwire digging into the bottom of the breast, poorly fitted smaller bust bras’ underwire are prone to poking through into the chest and back area. This is because, as already noted, bras for small busts require a firm fit.

Because of this, women in the A cup range may opt for a non-wired option that takes away the potential for awkward sharp stabbing pains ruining your day. Need Undies stock a wide variety of non-wired cotton bras in A, AA and AAA cup sizes.

As well as their primary function of offering support, bras should also make you feel good about yourself. Confidence is sexy and when you feel comfortable in what you wear, you are more than halfway. Don’t be afraid to try different styles of smaller bust bras, suitable for any occasion.

To Pad or Not to Pad - That is the Question

Women with a small bust size will likely have been faced with the option of purchasing a padded bra to compensate for their modest cup size. While Need Undies do stock a range of padded A cup bras, we want to let you know that you should only wear a padded bra if it is to make you feel good about yourself, rather than impressing anyone else. At one point or another, the majority of teenage girls will have at least experimented with a padded bra, especially as they watch on as their peers blossomed from girls into women.

Quite simply, you don’t have to but if you do, then rest assured that Needundies is the best place to shop. You will benefit from a well-fitted bra that offers you the support you need while giving you a shape that complements your petite figure.

Buy With Confidence from Needundies

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