Sleep Bra – Why Wear A Bra At Night

Over the years the media has sensationalised the health risks associated with wearing a bra at night - from hindering blood flow and irritating the breasts to causing cysts and even cancer. The reality is that these risks are usually only associated with wired or padded bras. A simple soft bra which is designed for the bedroom is 100% safe. Linda Becker, bra fitting expert of over 25 years says, “Women should never sleep in a bra with a wire, it should be a soft-cup bra. Sleeping in a bra with a wire can give you cysts or irritate your breasts."

Why Wear A Sleep Bra

A sleep bra is a type of women's undergarment designed to be worn at night while sleeping. It provides support to the breasts and helps to prevent discomfort, especially for women who are pregnant or have larger breasts. Sleep bras are typically made of soft, comfortable fabric and have a more relaxed fit compared to regular bras, making them suitable for wearing while sleeping.

Why Should I Wear A Sleep Bra At Night?

Support: Wearing a bra at night can provide support for your breasts, helping to prevent sagging and maintain their shape.

Comfort: A well-fitting bra can provide comfort and prevent discomfort from the breast movement during sleep, especially important for ladies with larger bust sizes.

Pain relief: Wearing a bra at night can relieve pain caused by breast tenderness, engorgement, and mastitis.

Reduce stretch marks: By providing support, wearing a bra at night can help prevent the development of stretch marks caused by breast movement during sleep.

Protects breast tissue: Wearing a bra at night can help protect breast tissue from trauma caused by restless sleeping or sleep positions.

Prevents wrinkles: Wearing a bra at night can help prevent wrinkles on the décolletage caused by sleeping on your stomach.

Maintains the shape of breast implants: Wearing a bra at night can help maintain the shape of breast implants and prevent discomfort caused by implant movement.

Helps with posture: A bra with good posture support can help maintain proper posture during sleep, which can lead to less back pain.

Easy to wear: Bra designs for nightwear are made for comfort, with soft materials and adjustable straps, making it easy to wear.

Promotes lymphatic drainage: Wearing a bra at night can promote lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling caused by fluid buildup in the breasts.

Is it good to wear one?

One of the main reasons for wearing a sleep bra at night is to support the breasts while you slumber. At the end of the day, gravity will always win which means that over time, most boobs will become a little bit "saggier" and therefore less perky. If we support our breasts during the day why not at night?  

Sleep bras are also fantastic to wear during pregnancy when the breasts swell and require extra support. The stretch fabric of the Anita Maternity Sleep Bra allows the breasts to grow with your baby which makes for perfect support, no matter how many months pregnant you are.

Anita Maternity Sleep Bra

The Anita 5100 Sleep Bra also makes a fantastic post-surgery accessory. For ladies that have had breast surgery, leaving the breasts unsupported at night can result in tenderness and pain which can jeopardise the healing process.

Aren’t they just for a larger bust?

As expected, experts advise that big breasted women stand to benefit more from wearing a sleep bra. This is purely because bigger boobs need more support – both for comfort and cosmetic reasons! That said, smaller chested women can also reap the benefits of sleep bras by keeping their assets supported around the clock.

Is it healthy to sleep in a bra?

It is important to remember that every women is different and what works for one person may not work for another. It is also important to choose a bra that fits well and provides the right level of support for your individual needs. If you have any concerns or questions about wearing a bra at night, it is best to consult with your GP or healthcare provider.