How to Tell When Your Underwear Fits Perfectly

There is absolutely nothing like pulling on a new pair of underwear that fits you perfectly, just the way they were designed to be. Underwear that fits perfectly has the power to make you feel as confident as you can possibly be which, as any woman will tell you, is the sexiest thing you can wear.

Just as good as properly fitted underwear can make you feel, any pair that is either too loose or, god forbid, too tight has an adverse effect. You don’t feel good, you don’t feel like going out anywhere and, no, you are absolutely not in the mood. The power of underwear cannot, and should not, ever be understated, but how do you know when your undergarments are a perfect fit for you?

Measure Your Waist and Hips

Just as you would do when buying a pair of trousers, you should ensure you have the correct measurements of your waist and hips to hand. This is no time to think about what sizes you can fit into on a good day – when it comes to underwear, there is no room for compromise.

underwear that fits

Remember that, unlike any other garment, you cannot just simply try on underwear and put it back on the rack if it doesn’t fit. That’s why being familiar with your measurements and cross-referencing those with the sizes of the brand you plan on purchasing is essential. Anything too tight can cause chafing and result in the material cutting into your skin, which is not going to make for a good time. Equally, if you opt for a pair that is too loose, you are not benefitting from the support of your underwear, no matter how well made those knickers are.

No Need for Readjustments

When your underwear, especially shapewear, is too tight you might find you constantly have to readjust how they sit. You don’t ever want to be the person that is caught with their hands in precarious positions and neither do you want to be slipping off to the bathroom every 10 minutes in a futile attempt of getting to some kind of comfort.

Furthermore, you run the risk of forming a bacterial infection around the vagina if your underwear is too tight, resulting from the friction of the material rubbing against the skin and the moisture produced by sweat glands. Shapewear briefs that match your measurements will keep you feeling cool, comfortable and well-supported without the need for any readjustment throughout the day. The best panties are those that you forget you are wearing.

Hugs and Flatters Your Figure

When your underwear fits perfectly, it feels great and the best will flatter your figure by neatly hiding away any overhang in the abdomen area whilst accentuating your feminine curves on the hips and bum. Looking in your mirror, you should be greeted with a gorgeous sight of your beautiful body displayed as it should be, making every side your best.

No matter the shape or size of your body, there is always a pair of pants that will fit you as they should. As we said earlier in this post, smaller doesn’t always mean better and you absolutely should not attempt to wear anything that is too small for your figure. If you cannot move freely with confidence, that is a sign that those pants are not for you. Not all brands of underwear conform to the exact same measurements, so do not automatically assume you will be the same size.

Hugs and Flatters Your Figure

Lastly, the absolute best way of knowing you have found a pair of pants that fit your figure perfectly is because you feel sexy wearing them. The confidence that comes with wearing anything that fits you just the way it does those gorgeous models in the catalogue simply cannot be matched. You feel on top of the world and ready to tackle the day head on. No doubt that any lucky significant other in your life will be the first to notice (and benefit) from your exuding self-confidence, which as we all know leads to improvements in other, more private, matters.

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