How Long Should You Keep Your Underwear?

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Every woman already knows of the importance of keeping your wardrobe fresh, having a variety of options available depending on the season and occasion. Not only that, when your clothing begins to show signs of wear and tear it may not fit you as comfortably, or appear as flattering, as it once did. That also applies to your underwear.

Not only does that above also ring true for your undergarments, if anything this is the item of clothing that you should expect to replace the most. The elastic fitting can soon wear away, depending on how often you wear a certain pair of pants, which can cause painful chafing and/or results in your underwear not fitting to your body as it once did.

Change Every Six to 12 Months

You should refresh your underwear options every six months to a year, depending on how often you wear them. New underwear offers you the support you need and you really do notice the difference when you throw away your old set and transfer over to a fresh new pair. It’s why we feel as confident as we do when we go out wearing a new pair of underwear - even though no one else can see, the flattering shape and support is enough to make you feel as though you are on top of the world.

Of course, not all underwear is the same with some pairs reserved for more, how should we say, intimate occasions. While you may not wear these half as much as your more casual cotton pairs, the finer material of lingerie can wear much quicker if put in the same wash as your everyday pairs. A cool, delicate wash will keep your ‘special occasions’ knickers looking sexy while ensuring they offer you the support you desire.

The Same Goes for Bras

Bras must also be refreshed every six to 12 months and it is arguably more important for you to do so than with your pants. Every woman has experienced the pain of feeling a wire snap out of the material, digging into their side because they have refused to do away with their favourite bra before time.

If your bra is not offering you the correct support and does not fit you properly, this can result in various issues. This could include the bra not lying flat around your body, the cups either fitting too loose and not contouring around the torso’s natural curves or fitting too tight and pulling the underwire away from your body.

Choose NeedUndies for your Next Set of Underwear

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