Feeling Good Coming Out of Lockdown

After months of tight restrictions owing to the global COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown is gradually easing across the country and more and more people are venturing out into this so-called ‘new normal’. This means that more of us are meeting up with friends and family (from a safe social distance, of course) and taking our first steps back into COVID-secure workplaces.

Of course, these are far from normal times and you might be feeling more than a little anxious about coming out of the safe haven that is your home, while others will be eager to start getting back into the swing of things. Whatever side of the coin you are, it is important that we emerge from lockdown feeling good and well-supported in all areas.

Office Dress

If you are returning to work after being furloughed the past few months or having been forced to set up a makeshift workstation on the end of your bed, you might have forgotten what your work clothes look like. Also, due to the effects of lockdown and the time spent in the gym making way for an extra snack, your best clothes might not fight you quite as comfortably as they did back in February.

There is no need to worry because you can quickly turn a negative into a positive and use this as an excuse to revamp your wardrobe. One suggesting that we at Need Undies have is the Triumph Amourette Charm collection of everyday lingerie. Suitable to wear under your office dress, providing you with the support and comfort you require, whilst also looking incredibly sexy in the boudoir. It’s a win-win!

Triumph Amourette Charm

Getting Back into Routine

Almost every single one of us has seen our normal routines almost entirely ripped to shreds during the lockdown and, while we may not be getting completely back to normal just yet, we are inching towards some semblance of normality. With over 100 days of restrictions, our behaviours have changed and we have found new routines to help us get through each day as it comes - from video calling our parents at the same time every day to looking forward to our daily walk, bike ride or run.

Now, as we look to get back into our old routine of going back to work and making time to visit loved ones, it can take a little getting used to. Remember that, just because restrictions are slowly being lifted, that doesn’t mean you have to come out at the same pace as everyone else. Do things as and when you feel comfortable to do so and don’t beat yourself up if you struggle to achieve every goal you set yourself - there is always a new day just around the corner.

Don’t Lose Your Cool in the Summer Heat

Even though the summer of 2020 is hardly going to be one to remember, at least for any of the right reasons, the usual heatwave is still hitting us like any other year. This means that we have to be mindful with the underwear we pick in the morning, ensuring our bras and pants offer the level of support we need without making us too hot under the collar.

This is one reason why we absolutely love the Amourette Charm collection from Triumph, as it combines a delicate lace styling that will help to keep you cool whilst making for a feminine look. We know that there is nothing worse than having to contend with an undergarment that offers nothing other than uncomfortable hot flushes that gets everyone questioning whether you are going through the change.

Triumph Amourette Charm Bra

As well as making sure you pick underwear that will keep you cool, calm and collected in the summer, you should also ensure it is suitable for wearing with your summer wardrobe. For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to pair your big granny panties with that cute mini skirt or shorts. Not only will this be the cause for a hot sticky mess, but isn’t going to win any best-dressed awards, either.

Looking Ahead

It hasn’t been the easiest year to keep looking ahead, with so much uncertainty and negativity making up the large majority of our days, but we must remember that these times will pass. We will get back to normal and, when we do, we are going to love, laugh and hug like never before.

Until then, we must do all that we can to get through each day as it comes. Remember to take care of yourself both mentally and physically, whether that be through taking a moment to ourselves, making time for daily exercise or, indeed, investing in a set of bra and pants that make you feel like the sexy woman you are.