Dress Up Your Underwear Collection with Luxurious Elements

While simple everyday underwear has its time and place, sometimes the occasion calls for a little lingerie indulgence. Whether you’re hitting the town with the girls, dressing up for a hot date or simply want to add a sexy touch to your office attire, splurging on some luxurious underwear options is a fantastic way to make yourself feel fabulous. To help get you inspired, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to dress up your underwear drawer!


Classy, timeless and oh so feminine, lace is the perfect way to spruce up your knickers drawer. If you want to create an ultra-sexy look, opt for skimpy items in sultry colours such as black and red – ooh la la! For ladies wanting to achieve a more sophisticated and refined feel, whites and creams are the perfect option. For a full on lace effect, items such as the Triumph Amourette 300 Maxi are ideal. Featuring an intricate stretch lace front and smooth polyamide rear, they are both comfortable and sexy. For gals who prefer to keep coverage to a minimum, its sister string design is wonderfully racy and ensures no VPL.

Triumph Amourette 300 Maxi


For an elegant underwear option that will make you feel like a million dollars, silk is a beautiful fabric that lets the skin breathe and feels incredibly soft to the touch. The only downside to this luxurious material is that it can be quite expensive. Thankfully, brands such as Sloggi have developed an innovative polyamide/elastane that combines the indulgent feel of silk with the durability and affordability of less expensive fibres. Feel it for yourself with gorgeous products such as the Sloggi Hot Lips Light Hipster!.

Sloggi Light Hipster

Flirty prints

If you want underwear that’s fun and flirty, choosing cute prints is a great way to spruce up your knickers drawer! Featuring soft, breathable micro fibre fabric and a gorgeous patterned design, the Anita Versailles Slip Brief will make you feel super cute, even in a simple jeans and t-shirt combo! Just make sure you don’t team dark prints with light coloured clothing – there’s nothing worse than a colour match VPL disaster!

Anita Versaille Slip Brief


If you want to add a dash of luxury to your everyday underwear collection, why not invest in simple cotton briefs featuring lovely front bow detail? They add a cute feminine touch to your look without affecting comfort or creating an unsightly VPL.


For stunning underwear that will make you feel drop dead gorgeous, tulle is an opulent material that is wonderfully pretty. Products such as the Anita Rosa Faia Scarlett Briefs seamlessly incorporate the fabric into the design, offering ladies incredibly supportive and comfortable briefs that don’t compromise on sass factor. Available in black, white or dusty rose, there is a colour to go with every outfit!

Anita Rosa Faia Scarlett Brief

If you want to spruce up your underwear draw, we guarantee that a dash of lace, a touch of silk, a flirty print or two and a hint of tulle will do the trick! Whether you wear your new knickers on a daily basis or save them for special occasions, luxurious elements are the perfect way to make you feel fabulous on the inside, and out.