Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down in Lockdown

If you are one of the many who are now working from home during the global Covid-19 pandemic, you will be getting used to this new way of conducting business. You probably began with the best of intentions of getting dressed in full office-wear for your conference calls but have since lowered your standards to wearing a smart blouse on top of your pyjama bottoms.

After all, your colleagues will only see what is going on above waist height. That is, however, unless you completely forget about your uber-casual attire and you have to get up off your seat midway through a call for whatever reason. At that point, your only choice is to smile through the embarrassment.

Avoid that Awkward Moment

The above video is the stuff of nightmares for all those working from home for the first time during the current situation. Imagine sitting as your desk wearing only your briefs underneath, completely forgetting as you get up to the shock of your colleagues. Over the recent weeks, social media has been awash with similar lockdown fails that, no doubt, many more are guilty of.

Who can blame him, though? All he wants is to be comfortable in his own home. Do remember, however, that no matter how flattering your underwear may be, your colleagues don’t want to see them. Even if they are as fetching as these Sloggi briefs, which are available from our website.

Try to Dress for the Office

Maximising your productivity is all about your state of mind and, for many, if you dress as though you are going into the office – even if your commute is just a few steps from your bed – this can help to keep you focused. Your work clothes put you in a working mindset and, when it is time to log off at the end of the day, changing into your loungewear allows you to sit back and relax.

If you are a keen user of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you may be privy to the conversation of many women boasting about the freedom of not having to wear a bra every day. As any lady knows, there is absolutely no better feeling than getting in at the end of a long day and taking off your bra. It is bliss, however, it is important to note that there are benefits of having the support of your undergarment. The bra’s main function is to support the weight and structure of the breast, as well as providing other clear aesthetic advantages to your cleavage. If you are looking for something that offers as much comfort as it does support, you might want to take a look at our range of non-wired bras.

Include Small, Manageable Tasks on your To-Do List

During lockdown, we must remain as productive as possible and part of doing that is feeling as productive as possible. For example, if you include even some of the more modest tasks in your day, such as getting dressed and eating breakfast etc…, simply being able to chalk off little tasks can help to make you feel productive.

Without having a purpose or goals to your day, you run the risk of each day blurring into one. It’s natural that, right now, your motivation is at an all-time low and if you are struggling to complete more difficult tasks, you are not alone. By working your way up to more intense tasks by ticking off little milestones throughout the day, you can almost trick yourself into being more productive and motivated than you are. So, if you are wondering whether putting your pants on in the morning counts as being productive, you are right, it does!

Friends and Family

As well as staying connected with your work colleagues, it is also essential that we all keep in touch with those closest to us such as friends and family. When you are on the Zoom call with your mum and dad, you can get away with a little more casual attire (after all, they have seen it all before). Mum isn’t going to judge you for being in your pyjamas at 2pm because, to be honest, she probably is as well.

Keep supporting each other and, most importantly, keep having fun, too. Just because you can’t physically sit in the same room with one another doesn’t mean that the laughter has to fade away. Why not set up a quiz or play a game of truth or dare via video call? Before we all know it, we will all be back together again!

In the meantime, make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity to lounge around the house all day in your pants, unless you’ve got an important video call with your boss, then you should probably put some trousers on.