Common Underwear Problems and Solutions

Good underwear is an absolute godsend, offing comfort and protection in any situation. Unfortunately not all underwear falls into this category, presenting itself as a nuisance that’s impossible to ignore.

There are many potential issues with underwear which are easy to resolve with the right design - such as a VPL - but there are others which aren’t quite so simple to fix. But never fear, help is at hand! Here’s a look at some of the peskiest problems and how you can solve them.


No matter how beautiful your underwear looks, if it’s not comfortable you won’t be happy. Itching can be a problem for many people, especially those with sensitive skin.

Washing with the right detergents can make a difference; look out for brands which are designed for babies as these will be much more gentle and less likely to cause a reaction. Sometimes changing your washing liquid or powder can be all you need to do to eliminate uncomfortable itching.

Labels can be another problem, especially if they’re made from a different material than the rest of the underwear. If the main fabric is soft and comfortable but the label is rough, you’ll get an itchy spot that won’t go away. Don’t be afraid to snip out any labels which are causing discomfort; underwear isn’t something that you’re likely to be selling on so it won’t matter!

Sweating can be a cause of intimate itching, especially if you’re active. Sweatiness can cause chafing, itching and soreness as well as a persistent feeling of discomfort. If you’re prone to sweatiness, choose a cotton material for your underwear. Cotton is more absorbent and allows the skin to breathe, preventing sweating and itchiness. Even if you aren’t prone to itchiness, cotton is better for your intimate areas anyway!


Having an obvious odour coming from the nether regions is a fear for many people and certainly with the wrong underwear you could exacerbate any problem. Keeping the area clean and dry will help to keep away unwanted odours, and help you to stay feeling fresher.

This means that cotton provides the solution once again, absorbing any excessive moisture from sweat and keeping you feeling as fresh as a daisy. You change your underwear every day, even if it looks clean, and if you sweat heavily - such as during exercise - you should change your underwear more frequently.

Contrary to what your instincts may tell you, unscented washing powder for your underwear will help. This minimises irritation which in turn can cause odours to develop.

Underwear that doesn’t fit properly is another culprit for encouraging bad odours. And it’s not the loose-fitting underwear that’s to blame here, it’s the tight undies that you squeeze into! It’s perfectly OK to enjoy wearing thongs and g-strings but the fit needs to be right. Underwear should be snug but not sitting too tightly against your intimate area or else air won’t be able to circulate.

Badly fitting underwear isn’t anyone’s friend - it’s not comfy, will ruin your silhouette and could encourage odours to develop. We say booooo!

Losing Shape

Comfort is such an essential part of choosing your underwear, that it’s soul-destroying when the perfect fit starts to falter - and we don’t mean because you’ve put on a few pounds! After a while underwear can start to lose its shape, feeling baggy in all the wrong places and looking unflattering.

Worn Out Undies

If underwear has lost its shape and doesn’t fit properly any more, it’s time to gently lay your beloved undies to rest and invest in some new ones. There’s no rescuing those knickers once they’re worn-out!

Of course, there are some steps you can take to help prolong their lifespan.

In the perfect world, hand wash would be best with a gentle, unperformed detergent. Of course, that’s not always practical particularly if you need a hotter wash.

It’s still possible to extend the durability of your underwear while using a washing machine. Make sure you select a cycle that’s designed for delicates, and to give a little extra protection, turn the underwear inside out. Pre-treat any stains and then pop your undies in a laundry bag or a pillow case.

You should never tumble dry underwear but instead allow to air dry while flat. Cotton is naturally more durable than others fabrics and washes well so if your priority is underwear that fits well and lasts for a long time, this could be the answer.

Simple steps

The colour, style and shape of your underwear is entirely up to you but by following the above top tips, you never need to have an underwear disaster again!