Comfort is the New Sexy - Don’t Feel Embarrassed About Your Granny Pants!

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Every woman has owned a pair of underwear commonly referred to as their ‘granny pants’. You know, those extra comfortable knickers that feel so good when you wear them, but you would probably elect to keep hidden away in the drawer on date night.

Those days, ladies, have come to an end because as the world is changing, so, too, are attitudes towards undergarments. Comfortable is the new sexy, so don’t be ashamed to don your actual favourite pair of knickers instead of that piece of string your partner likes to believe is your favourite.

When You Feel Good, You Look Great

Absolutely nothing is sexier than confidence and that is what underwear, such as these Sloggi Control Maxi Briefs. Giving full coverage and neatly hiding away anything overhanging, offering full tummy support, it leaves little wonder as to why so many women are making the move.

Sloggi Control Maxi

Of course, ‘granny pants’ in the modern-day aren’t quite what you may remember your nan wearing. Briefs that not only support your figure but flatter it makes for a sexy feminine shape, meaning that you feel every bit as good as you look - not to mention the small matter of comfort.

No doubt you have spent more time than you care to admit modelling different pairs of pants in the mirror, in case things should materialise later on, telling yourself that the sacrifice of comfort in favour of a killer bum. In reality, if you are at the stage where your frillies are on show you are probably going to reach your intended destination.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

There is only one person’s opinion that you should consider when buying underwear and that is your own. Many women see this as the latest means of reclaiming and taking ownership of their body and, while this may indeed be true for some, the rise of granny pants can be placed simply on the fact that they look and feel good.

One of the main bones of contention will smaller, skimpier underwear is the potential for chafing, which will evaporate any confidence you may have built up from your bedroom catwalk. Not just simply that, chafing can hurt…a lot...and it is a sign that either the style is not suited to you or your underwear is too tight. If you are unable to get home and change, it makes for a miserable day.

In contrast, fitted briefs present little to no risk of chafing, offering a comfortable means of keeping everything where it should be, showing you off in your best light. A bonus is the reinforced V-shaped panels that shapes and smoothes out the abdomen area, making for a streamlined and sexy figure. Instead of squeezing and cutting into your skin, shapewear briefs hug your curved hips which, in turn, opens up a whole new world of style opportunities.

Affordable Luxury

As well as being ludicrously comfortable and flattering, you need not pay the earth for a pair with fuller briefs available at reasonable prices. It’s a world away from paying through the roof for underwear made with just a fraction of the material, meaning that women with any budget, of all shapes and sizes, can benefit from stretchy shapewear briefs made from a stretchy blend of cotton and lycra.

One of our best examples is these long leg knickers, available at £11.05 that look and feel great even on the hottest days of the year. Working to keep you cool no matter the weather, you need not worry about sweating whilst pairing with summer dresses or light trousers...and you can still show off your bare legs!

Long Leg Knickers

Rekindling That Spark

Women who struggle with body confidence issues can find it difficult getting intimate with their significant other. After all, if you don’t feel sexy then why should your partner? Of course, they love you are would find you attractive even if you were wearing nothing but a bin liner, but nothing comes close to having the confidence of feeling comfortable in your skin. Many women who have jumped on the granny panty bandwagon have reported a rekindled spark in the bedroom, ultimately making for a happier and healthier relationship.

With underwear that fits the body, making for a flattering figure - fitting women up to a size 32 (make sure to check the individual product) - it leaves little wonder as to why so many are feeling more and more confident. We are sure that partners are just as ecstatic with the effects of wearing granny pants!

12 August 2022  |  7:08

Beauty isn’t pain. It’s strength, confidence, and comfort in being yourself. Get some comfy underwear and let that be the standard for everything you wear. Beauty is comfort!