Choosing A Comfortable Bra

What Is a Comfort Bra?

A comfort bra is exactly what it sounds like i.e. a super comfortable bra. Every woman has been driven mad at one time or another by their bras, most of the time, they simply grin and bear it as their bra cuts into them or worse rides up. However, now there is no longer a need to do so because Anita Lingerie has come up with some great bras that fit like a glove. In fact, they fit so well that you will barely know that you are wearing it.

Why an Anita Comfort Bra is so comfortable?

The main thing that makes an Anita Comfort bra so comfortable is the lack of seams in the cup. The vast majority have cups made out of a single piece of flexible and soft fabric, which means no rubbing at all. Those that are made out of more than one piece of fabric, usually the larger cup sizes, have special flat seams. Both types of comfort bras are designed so that the cups fit snugly, but are not so snug that they cut into you.The other thing that makes these bras so comfortable is the heightened level of support that you get when wearing them. This extra support is offered by the fact that these kinds of bra are made using strong and wide elasticated straps. The straps are wider than normal so that they do not cut into your shoulders like ordinary bras do. The part of the bra that runs around your chest and under your breasts is also wider than normal. This stops the bra from riding up and provides you with extra support. The extra support that you get from a comfort bra also gives you a better profile, so you not only feel more comfortable you look great too.

Who Is the Anita Comfort Bra Designed For?

The Anita comfort bras are designed for any woman to wear. However, women with larger breasts benefit most from wearing this type of bra, which is why the vast majority of these kinds of bras are made in larger cup sizes.

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