What Is A Minimiser Bra?

How does a minimiser bra work?

Minimiser bras have wider cups than a standard bra. The minimiser works by spreading and redistributing the breast tissue across the space in the wider cup. Although your bust size will not shrink, the appearance and projection of your breasts will be less prominent.

What features do minimiser bras have?

Minimiser bras are usually made from fabrics such as microfibre which is known for its flexibility, cotton for its softness and nylon for its strength. Any bra made from these materials should give you the support you desire. Wide straps are common features on bigger cup sizes. Wide straps distribute the weight they are carrying and prevent having sore shoulders that thinner straps would create from digging into the skin.

What minimiser bras does Needundies.com stock?

Needundies.com have the Triumph Comfort Minimiser underwired bra which is made from 25% Polyamide 10% Elastane 65% Polyester. It has smooth cups to give a sheer appearance under your garments. There are also wide shoulder straps which are padded for support. Triumph has patented the ‘comfort wire’ technology used in this bra. Which means that the underwiring flexes when you move, providing the optimum in comfort.

Needundies.com also stocks 2 Naturana minimizing bras. There is the Naturana Minimiser Moulded Soft Cup which comes with a floral print, model 5363 and a plain version, Naturana Minimzer model 5063. Both bras are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane providing a firm, soft, stretch fit. They are both non-wired with a wide underbust band this provides the support that underwiring would normally. The cups are very lightly padded to give a smooth outline under garments.

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