Bras For All Occasions

Regardless of your personal style or chest size, every outfit generally calls for a bra. As well as providing a little extra coverage, bras help to shape, support and ensure you look amazing. However not all outfits are the same which is why it’s essential for girls to own a bra for every occasion. Read on for an overview of different bra types and when you’ll need them.

T-shirt Bra

If comfort is on the top of your priority lit then a good collection of t-shirt bras is a must. They are generally soft, comfortable and free of embellishment which makes them perfect for wearing under everyday items of clothing.

Strapless Bra

Nothing ruins a gorgeous strapless outfit quite like a pair of visible bra straps. While some designers have tried to conquer this using clear or skin coloured straps, the reality is that they are still on show! The key is to invest in a quality strapless bra that offers you all the support, minus the straps.

Push up Bra

Those with smaller chests or a preference for extra oomph will love push-up bras and the wonders that they work for enhancing cleavage. They are perfect for earing with low cut items of clothing, or if you simply want to make your everyday look that little bit sexier. With its lacy design and unique gel/air/foam padding, this Wonderbra Full Effect Push Up Bra is the ultimate in bra that will enhance cleavage by up to two cup sizes!

Wonderbra Full Effect Push Up Bra

This will also help when it comes to colour matching with your clothes. There’s nothing worse than having to wear a black pair of knickers with a light coloured dress and bra because all your white briefs are in the wash. If you start to wear matching sets, you’ll always be sure to have matching colours on hand!

Sports Bra

Ladies who love their sports will testify that a collection of good sports bras is a lingerie drawer must have! When participating in vigorous activity, your breasts need adequate support in order to avoid back pain, chest pain and sagginess in the future. A good sports bra should be comfortable, practical and good looking. The Royce Impact Free Sports Bra is a great example!

Royce Impact Free Sports Bra

Maternity Bra

For those nursing new-born babies, maternity bras are a godsend when it comes offering added support, comfort and pressure control to swollen boobs. This Anita Maternity Soft Bra will keep you feeling comfortable, supported and throughout your breastfeeding stage.

Anita Maternity Soft Bra

Front fastening Bra

If you’ve had surgery, experience joint pains or any other form of upper body ailment then front fastening bras are ideal. As the name suggests, they fasten at the front which means you don’t have to awkwardly stretch or exert yourself trying to do up the back clip.

Crop top / sleep Bra

Just because it’s bed time it doesn’t mean that your boobs should be left unsupported. That’s where crop tops and sleep bras come in. Specially designed for all over comfort and light support, they are ideal for everyday snoozing as well as up keeping your modesty when sleeping over at friend’s houses. You’ll love this Anita Crop Top with its soft fabric and seamless cut which is fantastic for keeping growing boobs supported 24/7 in pregnancies.

Anita Crop Top

Now you’re all clued up, it’s time to go ahead and check that you have a bra for every occasion!