Bra Fit Problems And Solutions

Bra Fit Problems & Solutions

My breasts protrude over the cups creating a double bust effect

Your cup size is too small; the breast tissue should be smooth against the seam of your cups and the band should lie flat against your sternum. When you’re wearing tight fitting clothing such as a T-Shirt the bulges caused by wearing a small cup size will be more obvious. If the problem persists it may be the style of bra you are wearing, try opting for a full cup bra which will encompasses the whole of your breasts.

The cups in my bra pucker and dimple

Your current cup size is too big and your breasts will not be supported by the cups. Try a smaller cup size- remember the under band must fit snugly to your sternum, if it doesn’t you may need to go down a cup size and up a back size. If the bra only slightly puckers where the strap meets the cups try adjusting your shoulder straps this may smooth out the puckering.

The back band rides up my back creating an upside down V shape

You may find that the back band of your bra is rising up your back and the weight of your breasts is pulling the cups downwards; not giving you good support and shape. Try reducing the band size, you may find you need to increase your cup size. A well-fitting bra should lift the breasts, the underwire/under band should fit snugly against the sternum and the band should be level across your back.

I have a large gap between my bra and my sternum

The most common reason for this is that your cup size is too small causing the center panel to be pushed away from the body. Try increasing your cup size until the centre panel sits flush against the skin, you may find you need to reduce your back size if your cup size has increased. Occasionally you may find this only happens with certain styles of bra, try to avoid this style.

My bra straps dig into my shoulders, causing indentations and red marks

If your bra fits correctly and comfortably opt for bras with wider, padded straps. If you’re unsure of the fit of your bra, try reducing your back size as most of the support should come from the band not the straps.

I find my bra straps keep falling off my shoulders

Initially try tightening your straps as this is a very simple solution. Also, make a note of where the sliders are when you’ve tightened the straps, then check where they are at the end of the day, it may be that your bra straps are worn and the bra needs replacing. If adjusting the straps hasn’t been a solution, try opting for bras with v-shaped tapered straps, racer back styles or bras with convertible straps.

My back bulges, above and below, the back of my bra

Try loosening your bra straps, lowering the back of the bra, to see if the above bulges become reduced.

Your back band may be too tight. Firstly try loosening the hook and eye fasteners or try increasing your back band with a bra extender to see if an increased band size reduces the problem. If increasing the back band size reduces the bulges you should purchase bras in the next back band size i.e. if you are a ‘34’ opt for a ‘36’.

Alternatively if these solutions do not work, opt for bras with a wider back band which will cover more of your back area, smoothing and therefore reducing bulges.

My breasts spill over the sides of bra cups causing a ‘side boob’ effect

Your cup size is too small and causing the breast tissue to rise above the sides of the bra, this is more obvious with underwire bras. We would also suggest you select bras which have deeper sides and fuller cups and avoid balconette style bras.

The underwires dig into me and hurt

Underwires should never dig into your breast tissue; they should lay flat against the skin. If you are experiencing discomfort or red marks you should try a larger cup size. Also be aware that certain styles may cause this problem as everyone’s body is unique one bra style may not suit everyone. If you have a larger bust size we would suggest you opt for a full cup bra or plunge bra whereas ladies with smaller cup sizes may opt for a balconette style bra or push up bra.