Everything You Need to Know About Comfortable Men’s Underwear

Nobody likes feeling uncomfortable, and as underwear is something we wear every day, without fail, we want to ensure it’s as comfortable as possible.

However, with so many different types of boxers on the market, and the sheer variety of different materials they come in, how do we know which kind of underwear is best for us?

Long gone are the days of going shopping for underwear and simply picking up the nearest pair of boxers or briefs. Now, men have to choose from hybrid underwear, boxers, bikinis, briefs… the list goes on.

Shopping is never a fun task, and even less so when there is simply too much to choose from. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a simple, easy-to-follow guide that will fill you in on the differences between different types of underwear, the best materials, and whether it’s worth paying a bit extra for your underwear, or if the budget versions are just as good.

The Different Types of Men’s Underwear

First of all, let’s run through the different kinds of men’s underwear available to buy, so we’re clear on what might be right or wrong for us. You want something you’re comfortable in, that looks good and works for you. There is no one size fits all when it comes to men’s underwear – what works for you might not work for someone else. So, let’s take a look at the different types of underwear…


Boxers are one of the classic underwear choices, which actually come in two different types: boxer trunks, and loose boxers. Boxer trunks combine briefs and boxers to create a piece of underwear that is longer in the leg area, but has the supportive, tight-fit element that you usually see in briefs. They feature a fly, and are one of the most popular options to choose thanks to combining comfort with good support – the best of both worlds.

Sloggi Basic Short Trunk

If you want to be totally free and loose with your underwear, then loose boxers might be a better option for you. They are loose fitting with longer legs. They can vary in length, and feature an elastic waistband. They offer very little support but are definitely a more comfortable option for that reason – and ideal for sleeping in.

Jockey Boxer Shorts


Briefs are probably the most classic of all the men’s underwear choices: they’re tight fitting, very short and have an elasticated waistband as well as legs. These are the most supportive type of underwear for men, however they can be uncomfortable for some people, particularly in the summer months. They also feature a fly hole.

Sloggi Mens Briefs

Bikini Briefs

No, we don’t mean the two-piece women wear: bikinis are actually not too dissimilar to briefs, although the hip line is a lot higher. They are very supportive, but also rather on the small side, making them a less popular option.

Jockey Bikini Brief


We couldn’t do a round up of the different types of men’s underwear without including the thong, could we? Although this is probably the least popular of all the underwear types for men, as it’s not the most comfortable, it is still the preferred choice for some guys. The thong looks similar to bikini briefs from the front, however from the back the buttocks are almost completely exposed.

The Different Types of Materials for Men’s Underwear

So, now you know about all of the different types of men’s underwear, it’s time to run through the materials commonly used in men’s underwear and why it’s important you choose the material that’s right for you. Therefore, when you next go underwear shopping, you’ll be well and truly equipped to choose both the type and material that suits you best.


Cotton tends to be the first material you think of when it comes to comfort, and so it’s no surprise that it’s also the most common fabric used to make men’s underwear. Cotton is breathable, lightweight and also good at absorbing sweat, and so this is why the majority of men’s underwear products are made of cotton blends or weaves.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials such as nylon or Spandex are also commonly used to make men’s underwear, as they are supportive and stretchy. However, as they are synthetic, they are not anywhere near as soft as the likes of cotton or silk. This being the case, they are often more popularly worn during sports activities, thanks to the support they give.


For luxury lovers, silk is the obvious choice when it comes to men’s underwear. It’s super smooth, lightweight and silky-soft, and is commonly used as a blend to make underwear, as on its own it would simply lack the elasticity needed to give the support required. It is often used in more expensive, designer underwear.

The Right Choice for You

So, now you know all about the different types of men’s underwear, and the materials commonly used, how do you know how to make the right choice for you?

First of all, you need to think about your lifestyle and what you would be comfortable wearing. You also need to consider your budget, and the longevity of the underwear you choose.

If you play sports often, it would be worth investing in some boxer trunks made from synthetic materials as these keep sweat away from the body, and are a comfortable, yet supportive option. If you enjoy going out a lot, and like to wear tighter trousers or jeans, briefs will be a better option as they as less likely to be seen through the material.

It’s definitely worth having a few different options for different aspects of your lifestyle when it comes to underwear – a few pairs for the gym and playing sports, another for nights out etc.

Also, consider how long the underwear you buy is going to last you, and what your budget is. As it’s something you’re going to be wearing daily, it will be prone to getting worn and so this is where paying that little bit extra for better quality underwear is the best option. It’s better to buy budget underwear for things you won’t be doing all that often – for example, if you very rarely play sport, purchase one pair of budget sport-friendly boxers so you have them on hand when you need them.

So, now you know everything you need to know about men’s underwear, it’s time to get shopping!