A Guide to the Best No-Show Underwear

For many of us, the main goal when we wear underwear is for it to be as discreet as possible. These days, developments in technology have gifted us with incredible no-show underwear that is comfortable, supportive and invisible under all types of clothes.

When we think of invisible underwear, the image of shapewear (that isn’t too flattering when we’re undressed) may come to mind, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At NeedUndies, you can find a gorgeous collection of no-show underwear to suit your style and body shape, to ensure you look incredible - with or without clothes.

Here are our current favorite styles of no-show undies, and some ideas about the sorts of looks you might want to wear them with.

Everyday Seamless Undies

These days, there are plenty of underwear options for those who want to wear close-fitting clothes without worrying about their underwear seams showing through. Discover the best seamless underwear with the latest collection from Sloggi - the Zero Feel range. Whether you’re wearing skinny jeans, leggings, white trousers or a bodycon dress, you’ll be amazed by how comfortable these lightweight garments are.

On the surface, Zero Feel underwear appears to be an elegant yet ordinary range of everyday undies, but once you put them on you’ll really notice the difference. Crafted using innovative technology, the weightless design will make it feel like you’re not wearing anything, and you can wear in confidence knowing that no seams will show.

The Classic Thong

A thong is an infallible way to ensure you don’t have to worry about unattractive underwear seams showing through your clothes. The thong is highly versatile, and available in a wide range of styles, such as the string thong and the classic v-back, and can be worn with all manner of clothing, working especially well with close-fitting dresses and leggings.

A high quality thong such as the Wow Lace String brief from Sloggi offers both sensual femininity and the practical quality of being able to disappear once you put it on. Whatever you’re wearing, a thong can give you the confidence you need to pull your look off in style.

Sensual & Subtle Nudes

If you’re wearing light-coloured or white clothes, even the best seamless underwear might show through if it’s dark in colour. If you’re wearing white trousers, for instance, a black thong will be obvious and might leave you feeling self-conscious when out and about. The easiest way to tackle this issue is with some gorgeous nude or skin-coloured undies. The effect of high quality nude underwear is almost as though you aren’t wearing anything underneath, while still providing the support and protection you need.

If you’re wearing light colours, especially during the summer months when the light level is higher, nude undies are the way forward - and they look incredible when invisible under your outfit, as well as on their own for night in with that special someone.

Sophisticated Lace

Lacy lingerie might seem like the showier alternative to standard undies, but lace is actually your friend when it comes to hiding your underwear under fitted clothes. A high quality lace trim along the seams of your knickers and bras can soften their edges, and allow them to blend invisibly against your skin under your clothes. Be sure to wear a high quality lace set that keeps its shape and fits snugly against your body, as this will help keep the seams smooth and subtle.

The ultimate sensual yet invisible undies are lace in off-white and nude - they’ll give you a beautiful, feminine and subtle look that works perfectly with all types of attire.

NeedUndies is brimming with innovative underwear developments that mean we can be as discreet as we like without ever compromising on feeling sexy. Whatever your personal style and taste in underwear, you’re bound to found a no-show undies set that works for you, and that can be adapted with multiple fashion looks.

What better way to boost your confidence and complete a carefully put-together fashion look than with the ultimate no-show underwear? Browse the Needundies collection for the best no-show, zero VPL discreet underwear today, and finally enjoy supreme comfort and satisfaction from your lingerie.

What’s your favourite style of invisible underwear? If you have any further tips for staying comfortable and confident, do let us know in the comments section below - we’d love to hear from you!