A Full Guide to Teen Bras

Your first bra is a huge milestone of your first few years as a teenager. However, it can be difficult and daunting decision when trying to find the right one.

Comfort is key when buying a first bra for a teenager. During early teenager years, young girls bodies are still transitioning and growing into their figure. Try to avoid bras with under wiring in bras as this can have an effect of the development of their breasts.

Deciding when to purchase your daughter first bra can be difficult. At the age, girls tend to become a little more closed off and it can be difficult to trigger a conversation concerning a private issue. Young girls often need to start wearing a bra around the age of 11, but some may not need one until 14 and some may even need one as young as 9.

For those parents who have found their teenage daughters developing as young as 9, the Royce My First Bra has been specifically designed for young girls. It comes as a pack of two, with a plain white bra and the other with pretty pink frilling around the cups. The first bra is extremely soft and provides long lasting comfort all day long.

All girls are different and develop at different times and ages, but often if her friends begin wearing one, she might want one to. This often is not an issue, and will just need to find one which is both fitting, but comfortable for her.

Royce My First Bra

Whilst breasts are growing, they can become increasingly uncomfortable for young girls, especially whilst still participating in physical activity at school and any extra sports curricular they may be doing. Finding a bra which is soft to touch, yet comfortable for any movement or long wear is essential when purchasing.

We stock a wide range of high cotton first bras for young girls who are not familiar with wearing one. Royce wire free bras offer a softer moulder foam style cup, creating a great support whilst still feeling comfortable.

Most of our first bras come in a pack of two, making it easier for when one is in the washing machine and drying. The Royce Essentials Teen bra twin pack features a basic white bra with a purple heart charm to the front and is perfect for young girls with a smaller frame. pack 

Royce Essentials Wirefree Teen bra

Our Royce Impact Free Teen Sports Bra is perfect those teenage girls that enjoy taking part in school activities or sporting clubs outside of school. The wire free bra offers great support whilst still allowing that perfect comfortable fit. The bra is very discreet and can also be worn underneath tops and blouses at school.

Royce Impact Wirefree Sports bra

Just remember the key thing is comfort. Make sure the bra is comfortable and long lasting. Bras make appear comfortable to begin with, but can cause later discomfort during the day. Finding a comfortable and best fitting bra can prevent any discomfort and any negative effects on her growing figure.