5 Types Of Everyday Underwear A Woman Should Really Own

So over the years our underwear drawers have piled up with various styles and colours. Some once they begin to fade become our comfy at home underwear, whilst we keep others for those more special occasions.

There are a variety of different styles and materials that every woman should own. Whether that is to avoid a visible panty line, to hide your tummy area or just for pure comfort.

We have put together a list of 5 essential garments helping you with everyday underwear you will need in your lingerie drawer

1. The Comfy Everyday Underwear

Now we all want that pair of underwear we can quickly put on half asleep in the morning, but can seek comfort in all throughout the day. Not only perfect for work wear, they are also great for wearing to the gym and also to bed!

Our Sloggi Double Comfort Short is perfect for those more comfortable days. With their incredibly soft and stretchy material, they are great for wearing all day long with the ultimate comfort. With their high waist waist band, these shorts are extremely flattering, helping to cover those target areas whilst still maintaining style and comfort.

Sloggi Double Comfort Short

2. The Thong

The thong can often be a woman's least favourite pair of underwear. Whilst a few pairs sit in the drawer, they are often narrowly avoided if possible. Unfortunately, thongs are an essential garment to have. Not only do they help to avoid a VPL, they are also great for a sheer coverage dress, or wearing underneath shorter outfits during the summer months.

The Anita Comfort Sue Cotton Thong is great for seeking long-lasting comfort, whilst almost being invisible underneath tight clothing. Available in a variety of colours, perfect to go underneath any colour.

Anita Sue Cotton Thong

3. Shape wear

Shape wear is a fantastic essential to have in the drawer. Not only does it help define shape and contour your waist, it also helps to give you tummy flat underneath those tighter fitting dresses. Shape wear can come in a variety of styles, all suited to your exact needs and what you may need it for. Shape wear is often the best kept secret by all women in achieving that flawless stomach and waist.

The Triumph Claudette 200 non-wired Body shaper provides fantastic full body support and comfort throughout the day. With it's main focus on the stomach and waist area, it is a great garment to wear underneath tight clothing to help define your waist and shape.

Triumph Claudette Bodyshaper

4. VPL Avoiding Underwear

We all know what a pain VPL can be, especially in those sheer dresses or white trousers. Although a thong can help that to some extent, some can still cause a VPL. Finding a great pair of VPL avoiding briefs can be a great addition to any drawer and helps to save any worry when buying an outfit!

Here at Need Undies we have a great selection of VPL avoiding briefs. One of our favourites is the Sloggi Hot Hips Light Hipster. Made with a luxury smoothy and silky feeling fabric, the hipsters are lightweight and provide great comfort all day long. They help to cling to the skin, avoiding all signs of a VPL!

Sloggi Hot Hips Light Hipster

5. The Special Occasion Underwear

Every woman needs that underwear to make her feel extra special and has all the elements a classy feminine look. Whether that is for that special date or for a quiet night in, they are great to always keep in your drawer. A matching bra to pair with the underwear helps to create an overall gorgeous and sultry look.

Part of our gorgeous Triumph Amourette range, the Amourette Maxi brief features a beautiful lace detailing and a delicate scalloped edging. With its extremely soft material and a gorgeous look and feel, they are perfect for a luxurious look whilst also creating ultimate comfort all day long. Matching bras from the Triumph Amourette 300 collection are also available to complete the set.

Triumph Amourette Maxi Brief

And there you have it! A complete guide to all your essentials needs to always keep in your underwear drawer. You will now never need to worry about buying an outfit as you will have every garment best suited to you, your outfit and your day long comfort needs.