5 Reasons to Choose Cotton Underwear

Your underwear might not always be visible, but it is nevertheless one of the most important garments in your wardrobe. The perfect underwear feels as good against your skin as it looks on, supports where support is needed, and, above all, makes you feel your most confident self.

When choosing underwear, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the many different styles and materials, as well as the disparate pricing. Paying a high price for underwear is not necessarily the best way to ensure quality and long-lasting comfort: a much better rule of thumb to follow is to choose pants and bras made from cotton. This affordable fabric is made from natural fibres taken from the fluffy casing around the cotton plant seed heads.

The cotton plant grows naturally across multiple continents, including Africa, India and America, and has been used to make clothing for thousands of years. It is by far the most popular natural fibre used to make cloth, and is a consistently popular choice for underwear and intimate garments especially.

A lot of modern underwear is made from synthetic materials such as polyamide and elastane, which for some women works fine - but if you want supreme comfort and quality, cotton is for many the number one choice. Here are five fabulous reasons to choose cotton underwear.

1 - It Breathes

Cotton is a naturally occurring fibre, gathered from the cotton plant and spun into a usable thread or yarn. The natural fibres are great for absorbing excess moisture, so when you perspire, your underwear will take the moisture and heat away from your body, rather than storing it close to your skin. This means you can stay cool and comfortable in all types of weather, and your intimate areas are kept fresh and healthy

2 - It’s Hypoallergenic

Cotton is a hypoallergenic material - that is, It is very unlikely that you will have any type of allergic reaction to it. If you have sensitive skin, or simply an allergy to synthetic fibres (these are quite common), wearing cotton underwear can help ward off a skin reaction. The hypoallergenic quality of cotton is such that it is often used in baby clothes, and for medical reasons, such as in wound bandages and gauze.

3 - It’s Natural

Unlike a lot of synthetic fabrics, high quality cotton does not contain harsh chemicals and toxins. This is better for your skin and your overall health, as although with synthetics the finished product may feel soft, the chemicals used in creating it are retained inside it, and can seep out when worn. Our bodies have evolved to work best with natural materials, and many of us may find that they don’t feel quite right if we come into contact with large quantities of synthetic substances - whether it’s eating processed food or wearing polyester underwear. If you like to choose natural products when underwear shopping, cotton is one of the most affordable and consistent materials to choose.

4 - It Lasts

Good quality cotton is strong and durable, so when you choose premium cotton underwear, you are making an investment for the future. Cotton is tougher and harder to rip than a lot of other fabrics, and stays soft at the same time, so your underwear will keep its shape, give you support and feel great against your skin all at once. Enjoy use after use of your favourite cotton underwear without the rapid deterioration that often happens with synthetic fabrics.

5 - It’s Better for the Environment

For comfort, breathability and the health of your intimate areas, cotton underwear is the number one choice. Not only is it affordable, but high quality cotton underwear from brands such as Triumph, Sloggi and Anita are made to last, and make a wonderful wardrobe addition for wearing on holiday or in your day-to-day life.

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