5 Maternity Must Haves For Every Expectant Mum

Whether you’re a first time mum or are expecting child number two or three, welcoming a new baby into the family is an incredibly exciting time. Yet it can also be accompanied by some physical discomfort as a result of expanding tums and heavy breasts. Thankfully, NeedUndies has some fantastic products to help you breeze through every stage of your pregnancy!

Sleep bras

As you enter the first stages of your pregnancy, you may start to feel your breasts swelling in preparation for the new bub. While this can be considered a good thing (hello extra cleavage!) it can also be painful for some women.

If you fall into this category, it’s essential to treat your boobs to round the clock support. While normal bras are OK for during the day, sleep bras such as the Anita Crop Top are perfect for keeping your assets supported while having a snooze. With no wires, no padding and an ultra-comfortable seamless design, you can ensure that your beauty sleep isn’t compromised!

Anita Sleep Bra

Nursing bras

If you’re planning on breastfeeding your baby, a nursing bra is an absolute essential. Not only are they more comfortable than normal bras but they also make the breastfeeding process easier and more discreet. Featuring clever design and unmatched comfort, the Royce Blossom Animal Print Nursing Bra is an undisputed bestseller. Innovative front ruching gives wearers the chance to adjust style, fit and appearance while the stylish animal print gives it a sexy touch.

Tummy support

The biggest physical change a pregnant woman experiences is the expansion of her tummy. After all, there’s a bub growing in there! If you want to keep your body supported throughout your pregnancy the exclusive Anita Maternity BabyBelt is a must have investment.

Anita Maternity Babybelt

The clinically tested garment is designed to prevent back and pelvic pain throughout the pregnancy as well as help the stomach regain its natural shape post-baby. The innovative grow-with-you body section is specially designed to expand with you as your baby grows and can be comfortably worn while standing, sitting or lying down.


As your baby grows, you’re most likely going to need to invest in some new underwear! NeedUndies shuns the dull maternity stereotype with its gorgeous range of knickers for mums-to-be. The Anita Maternity Under Tummy Briefs offer wearers the ultimate in style and comfort. Crafted from a wonderfully soft nylon/elastane microfibre blend, the seamless knickers are ideal for expanding tums. Available in white and black, they’re perfect for wearing under any outfit!

Anita Under Tummy Maternity Brief

For ladies that prefer extra coverage, Anita also retail a soft and seamless over tummy range.

After giving birth, women can sometimes find it difficult to regain their pre-baby body. The Anita Post Natal Panty Girdle offers a simple and stress free solution to the wide felt issue.

Anita Post Natal Panty Girdle

With specially designed abdomen support and breathable microfibre girdle, the garment is great for adding shape to the hips, bottom and tummy.

If you’re expecting, make sure you check out the fantastic range of maternity garments available from NeedUndies. As well as supporting your body, they’ll also keep you looking fabulous throughout your pregnancy!