4 Occasions It’s OK To Flaunt A Bra In Public

While visible bra straps and contour lines are usually a serious fashion faux pas, sometimes it is 100% OK to flaunt your lingerie. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that it’s downright stylish. Of course, it pays to tread carefully which is why we’ve put together this guide to how to show off your support with class. Here’s how!

Sheer tops / dresses

Sheer and mesh style materials are so hot right now and are a great way to take your look from day to night with ease. Instead of jeopardising their wow-factor with a full coverage cami it’s totally acceptable to team them with a pretty bra. If you’re wearing something relatively plain a little lace or detail will give your look instant sex appeal.

The Triumph Beauty Full Basics W Wired Bra is perfect! For patterned or detailed garments opt for something simple yet classic. Just remember the number one rule – colour coordination! No matter how stylish your bra, black lingerie paired with a white shirt is all out tacky.

Triumph Beautiful Basics Underwired Bra

Sports bras at the gym / workout session

If you’ve got the confidence rocking an uncovered sports bra at the gym is more than OK. Just make sure that it’s stylish, in good condition and provides full support and coverage.

We love the eye-catching orange of the Anita Air Control Sports Bra. People may give you a little extra attention but only because you look hot to trot! If you’re not quite comfortable wearing just the bra throw on a low cut or low backed workout top that shows off your sports style lingerie.

Anita Air Control Sports Bra

Bralettes under clothing

Lacy, lightweight and oh so on-trend, bralettes are all the rage. If you’ve got a gorgeous garment that you want to show off look for low backs, cut out arms and loose sleeves.

Again, colour matching is important as it makes your look cute and classy rather than cheap and nasty! This season we adore the sweet lacy detail of the Sloggi Romance Slip On Bra.

Sloggi Romance Slip On Bra

Pretty straps teamed with a casual look

We wouldn’t recommend visible bra straps for dressy events but if you’re heading to the shops or putting together a casual weekend outfit flashing the right kind of bra straps can add a playful touch to your outfit. The feminine strap detail of the Royce Enhance Super Padded Bra is definitely made to show off!

Royce Enhance Padded Bra

Do you love to flaunt a little lingerie or are you more of a conservative kind of girl? Let us know what you think!.