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Sloggi Long Leg Knickers

Sloggi Long Leg Knickers£15.00   £13.50  (98)

Sloggi Pack Of Three Basic Maxi Briefs

Sloggi Pack Of Three Basic Maxi Briefs£24.95   £22.46  (349)

Sloggi Basic Midi Briefs (3 PACK)

Sloggi Basic Midi Briefs (3 PACK)£24.95   £22.46  (180)

Sloggi Double Comfort Maxi

Sloggi Double Comfort Maxi£11.50   £10.35  (66)

Sloggi Basic Tai Briefs (3 PACK)

Sloggi Basic Tai Briefs (3 PACK)£24.95   £22.46  (220)

Sloggi Control Maxi Briefs (2 PACK)

Sloggi Control Maxi Briefs (2 PACK)£24.95   £22.46  (167)

Sloggi 100 Tai Briefs (3 PACK)

Sloggi 100 Tai Briefs (3 PACK)£15.00   £13.50  (94)

Sloggi Double Comfort Tai

Sloggi Double Comfort Tai£11.50   £10.35  (123)

Sloggi Control Tai Briefs (2 PACK)

Sloggi Control Tai Briefs (2 PACK)£22.95   £20.66  (65)

Sloggi Basic Tai Brief

Sloggi Basic Tai Brief£9.00   £8.10  (27)

Sloggi MyDay Tai  Brief

Sloggi MyDay Tai Brief£9.50   £8.55  (1)

Triumph Amourette 300 Tai

Triumph Amourette 300 Tai£16.00   £14.40  (7)

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Page 1 of 6:    72 Items

Needundies.com has an extensive range of high quality womens knicker styles for our customers to choose from. For everyday comfort why not try the Maxi, Midi, Mini or Tai styles from Sloggi or Playtex? For those of you who would like to forego the conventional pant and seek a short or a hipster you will find that Needundies stocks a variety of womens brief styles to suit all your needs.

Sports pants are a great way to improve any workout as the wearer feels cool and comfortable. If you are not the exercising type and need underwear for underneath  figure hugging items of clothing you should try our control and shaping underwear ranges which provide excellent contouring and confidence.

For those special occasions, or for when you simply want to feel sensational, Needundies has a stunning collection of knickers to choose from including gorgeous lace designs and beautiful prints from Anita Lingerie, all can be found on our site or by using our brief finder above.