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The staff at are specialists in Sloggi Underwear for both men and women and we probably stock one of the largest ranges of Sloggi currently available to buy online in the UK, so whether you are looking for a comfortable pair of Sloggi knickers or a bra that offers comfort and support, you have come to the right place!.

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About The Sloggi collection

Because we stock a huge selection of the most popular Sloggi ranges you will never have to shop anywhere else for your underwear again. We are also a recommended retailer, so you can buy from us with every confidence that you will get a fantastic product at a great price.

Our everyday collection from the includes everything from men's basic underpants to women's basic maxi control knickers but also newer ranges such as Sloggi Myday and Sloggi Sensual Fresh which are perfect for special occasions.

Although we stock a huge range of there are always going to be times when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. If this is the case, then you can simply get in touch with us and we will do our best to source your favourite Sloggi products for you, also why not take a look at our Sloggi blog to find all the latest information, including new products, discontinued lines and current offers.

Other Underwear & Lingerie Ranges

As well as being a Sloggi specialist, we stock a huge range of underwear and lingerie products from a range of other fantastic companies, so whether you are looking for a comfortable nursing bra, or perhaps some luxury lingerie for a special occasion, we can help you.

Our most popular ranges include Anita lingerie, and Triumph lingerie and as we source our goods directly from the supplier, we are able to keep costs down, whilst offering our customers a constantly updated shopping experience, this ensures that they never have to go elsewhere when they are in need of underwear.

So, next time you need to update your knickers drawer, be sure to check out the fantastic range of Sloggi bras, briefs and lingerie on offer at Needundies.

Sloggi 100 Tai Briefs (3 PACK)

Sloggi 100 Tai Briefs (3 PACK)£15.00   £13.50  (92)

Sloggi Basic Long Leg Knickers

Sloggi Basic Long Leg Knickers£15.00   £13.50  (88)

Sloggi Control Tai Briefs (2 PACK)

Sloggi Control Tai Briefs (2 PACK)£22.95   £20.66  (64)

Sloggi Double Comfort Short

Sloggi Double Comfort Short£12.50   £11.25  (78)

Sloggi Basic Maxi (Single Pack)

Sloggi Basic Maxi (Single Pack)£13.50   £12.15  (31)

Sloggi Basic Tanga (Twin Pack)

Sloggi Basic Tanga (Twin Pack)£18.00   £15.30  (59)

Sloggi Basic Mini (Twin Pack)

Sloggi Basic Mini (Twin Pack)£19.00   £16.15  (50)

Sloggi Basic Short (Twin Pack)

Sloggi Basic Short (Twin Pack)£29.50   £25.08  (35)

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