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When you begin to place an order with us we will ask you for some personal data that will be used to process your order, such as name, address, telephone number, address details etc. In order to protect this data when you enter the Secure Checkout area this information will be encrypted to prevent this very sensitive data from being intercepted by other malicious Internet users.

You will usually be aware of entering a secure area by taking a quick look at the website URL where the HTTP will change to HTTPS and a padlock may also appear, depending on the browser.

Eaglewick Limited trading as value your protection and have recently introduced an extra layer of security by using what is known technically as an "Extended Validation SSL Certificate", this also may be known by some users as the "Green Bar". This type of Security Certificate has been developed to combat an increasing trend by criminals to trick website users into entering their personal details on fake/fraudulent site, this type of practice is known as "phishing".

In order to qualify for this Extended Validation SSL Certificate, companies must undergo very rigorous checks by Certificate issuing authorities, in our case GeoTrust. These checks confirm that the company that owns and runs the Website is a legally registered entity, Eaglewick Limited, with a validated address and contact information which is consistent across both the legal company details and the domain registration details.


Newer highly secure browsers such as IE8, Firefox, Chrome etc are all now able to show the "Green Bar" Extended Validation information in address/URL section of the browser. You may see other colours in the address bar such as Red (Suspected Malicious Site), Amber (The site cannot be verified as secure) and White (Personal Data is encrypted but the authentication of the website cannot be verified).


Below we have indicated what you should see in your browser address bar, we have shown samples of various browsers which are current as of February 2012, but earlier/later versions may have slight differences.
As can be seen below all browser address bars show an element of Green and in the majority of cases our Legal Entity name is shown, Eaglewick Limited, the last browser example shown uses Opera and simple indicates that the site is "Trusted". In all our examples further information regarding ownership and authentication can be seen by simply clicking on the Legal Entity name.

Apple Ipad's and Iphones may simply show the Legal Entity name, Eaglewick Limited, with a padlock next to it.

Secure Browser Images