The Complete Guide To Caring For Your Bras

If you’re a woman the chances are that you have a dedicated lingerie drawer that is packed full of bras. In fact, recent research has revealed that the average woman owns around 16 bras!

They are wonderful things and keep you feeling supported, shapely and sexy. However there is nothing more frustrating than investing in a gorgeous new garment, only to find it become shapeless and lifeless after just a few washes. More often than not, it’s not the bras fault, it’s yours! To help you keep your intimates looking lovely, read on for our top care tips:

Don’t Mix Colours

Just like any other everyday wash, mixing colours in your underwear wash could spell disaster for your gorgeous cream coloured lace bra if it gets thrown in with your sexy little red number. No matter how short on time you are or how much you hate putting on the washing machine, indulge in this one simple step to ensure that your bras stay looking their best.

Choose The Right Cycle

When it comes to washing delicates in the machine it is extremely important to give them a whiz on the right cycle. Most machines will have a delicates or hand wash option, otherwise go for the cycle that looks least rigorous, or to err on the side of caution choose to hand wash, this applies especially to wired bras!.

Cold cycles are also better as they help the bras keep their elasticity for longer. For example, if you own this fabulous Supersoft Wired & Padded Bra from Triumph, you’re not going to want to massacre it on a heavy duty, scorching hot, super-fast spin cycle. This might get it clean but it will leave the wire out of shape and the padding lacklustre and undefined. Instead, set your machine to a gentle cycle to ensure that the garment is cleaned without being destroyed!.

Colour Choice

Colour is one of the main things to consider when battling the dreaded visible panty line, also known as the VPL. Put simply, don’t wear dark coloured knickers under light clothing and vice versa! The Anita Comfort Briefs range comes in a variety of colours including white, black and nude which means you can have a super comfy and colour coordinated underwear option for all outfits.

Use a Lingerie Bag

If you want to ensure that your smalls keep their shape for longer, it pays to invest in a good quality lingerie bag. These are available from most department stores and help avoid twisting, snagging and tangling with other items in the machine.

Clasp Before Washing

Hooking your bras up before beginning the washing process is a fantastic tip as it prevents tangling straps, ripped lace due to metal hooks and also stops the underwire from being pulled out of shape.

Use Gentle Detergent

Using harsh detergents and bleaches can be devastating for the delicate laces, silks and cottons that high quality bras are made from. For this reason it’s essential to always use a gentle detergent that isn’t going to damage any dainty fabrics or embellishments.

Let Them Drip Dry

It’s tempting to just throw things in the dryer for an instant fix however when it comes to bras this is considered lingerie sacrilege! As we mentioned previously, heat can destroy a bras elasticity which means that the dryer is a definite no! .

Always Read The Garment Care Label!

Manufacturers always provide a garment care label, these should be closely adhered too as not following the manufacturers washing guidelines may cause damage to the garment.

Following these simple washing tips will ensure that your favourite bras keep their shape, their support and their sex appeal for as long as possible!.

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