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Why Wear A Sleep Bra At Night?

1 CommentThursday, 4 October 2012  |  Elaine Needham
There are several reasons why you may wish to wear a sleep bra. You may feel uncomfortable in the night without having any additional support, or need to wear one for medical reasons. Whatever your reason it is worth treating yourself to a sleep bra instead of wearing your usual underwear.

A Night Bra Gives Support and Comfort When You Need It Most

Pregnant women will find that in the later stages of pregnancy a sleep bra is a must in most cases.  Even though you are wearing a night bra your bust will still have the freedom to grow comfortably thanks to the fabric. The cups are not padded and the fabric will simply continue to support you throughout your entire pregnancy.


You may require a sleep bra to wear after undergoing a medical procedure. Your bust will be feeling extra sensitive and you will need to make a sensible purchase when it comes to the perfect bra to wear in this situation.

Having a large bosom may make sleeping at night difficult. Many women choose to have some support to help sleep come more easily. Many women also choose to wear a bra during the night to help keep their bust in a good shape. If you like to be supported then buying a good sleep bra makes perfect sense.


Choose a Bra Made Specifically for Night Time

A night time bra is designed to give you optimum comfort during the night. Along with the support you need you will also want to make sure nothing gets in the way of having a good night’s sleep. If you choose to wear an underwired bra with lacing or bows you will find problems with the bra digging into your skin which will result in red marks and leave you in discomfort.


A sleep bra is made to be slept in. The bra fabric is smooth and there is no wiring or excessive designs to contend with. These are also seamless and smooth allowing for maximum relief when you are at your most relaxed so you are left wearing a sleep bra that you will barely notice, aside from the comfort it brings.

A night bra is ideal for pregnant mums. Buy a seamless sleep bra for comfort and support all night long.

Lorraine Malt As
Saturday, 28 December 2013  |  16:10

Looks to be just what I need after surgery

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