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Anita Maternity Over Tummy 1502
£16.00   £15.20  (3)
Anita Meggie Easy Front Fasten Bra 5800
£64.00   £57.60  (1)
Anita Momentum Soft Sports Bra 5529
£57.00   £51.30  (1)
Anita Mylena Front Closure Bra 5329
£86.00   £77.40  (2)
Anita Mylena Front Fastening Bra 5319
£86.00   £77.40  (4)
Anita Mylena Support Bra 5419
£82.00   £73.80  (3)
Anita Post-Natal Panty Girdle 1885
£60.00   £57.00  (1)
Anita Rosa Faia Twin Firm Bra 5695
£56.00   £28.00  (9)
Anita Rosa Faia Twin Romance Bra 5443
£48.00   £38.40  (5)
Anita Rosa Faia Twin Romance Bra 5444
£58.00   £46.40  (7)
Anita Sports Pant 1627
£27.00   £25.65  (1)
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Page 2 of 3:    47 Items

Founded over 125 years ago, Anita is an exclusive German company that has been making premium underwear to fit and flatter the female shape.

Once you’ve tried Anita, you’ll never want to go back. From gorgeous lingerie and shapewear, to nursing bras and mastectomy recovery pieces, Anita is a company who really understands the importance of high quality underwear.

A Brief History of Anita

It all began in Dresden in 1886, when this family business first began manufacturing body belts and braces. They went on to produce corsets in the 1920s and 30s, and, after surviving World War II, the company was re-imagined by Dr Christine Weber-Unger.

Dr Christine saw the value in creating underwear that went above and beyond the normal expectations for lingerie. As well as looking incredible, she felt that each piece in the Anita range should be made with comfort and function at the forefront of the design process. Anita was one of the first underwear brands to create pieces with special features for pregnant women and those in breast surgery recovery.

Towards the end of the 20th Century, Anita began to expand beyond Germany, and since become an established brand across the globe in France, England, the Czech Republic, Austria and Portugal, with new and innovative designs being developed all the time.

Anita Lingerie at NeedUndies

At NeedUndies, we love Anita. We’re proud to stock a brand with such a rich history and a reputation for excellent underwear - and our customers love it too.

Discover comfort like never before, and browse our collection of Anita lingerie today. We stock a wide selection of items from the Anita Rosa Faia, Anita Comfort, Anita Active, Anita Care and Anita Maternity range.

We also stock bras in the Anita Mastectomy range. For more advice, contact us today and get friendly, professional advice from one of our two retired nurses who work alongside us.